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In the West, yoga usually means hatha yoga. This is the physical side of yoga and the one generally taught in classes through postures (asanas) and breath control (pranayama).


Once these have been mastered it is time to gain mind control by meditation and then to proceed along the eightfold path to Raja yoga.


EIGHT- FOLD PATH ( Ashtanga)


1. Yamas - Moral principles to help people live in a peaceful society


2. Niyamas- Guidelines aimed at improving our individual nature


3. Asanas- Postures aimed at body control


4. Pranayama - Breath control


5. Pratyahara - Withdrawal of the senses


6. Dharana – Concentration


7. Dhyana – Meditation


8. Samadhi – Union with the Universal Consciousness or God.

About Yoga

Increase the mind/body benefits of yoga by working one-to-one with this Senior Yoga Teacher who will tailor the session to your requirements. A great start for those new to yoga or regular practitioners wishing to deepen their practice.

Private Yoga

Yoga Massage

A fully clothed treatment suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility that works and stretches the whole body. Also known as ‘ Lazy Man’s Yoga,’ the client is for most of the session lying down while the therapist uses a variety of techniques to release tension, improve flexibility and well-being leaving you deeply relaxed. Herbal Oils can be used to deepen the effects.

Is the yogic six step process way of body cleansing. The session is tailored to the individual and their requirements using Ayurveda and Naturopathy techniques.  


Treatments included: 6 step yogic cleanses, assisted yoga massage, massage of marma points on the whole body, chakra balancing & healing.

Therapeutic Yoga : Shatkriya Cleansing & Relaxation