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Benefits of Yoga

There are many benefits that come from regular yoga practise. If the postures are held with your focus and attention during yoga then you will benefit physically, mentally and spiritually.


Each individual has a unique experience during the postures and will feel their effects differently depending on their mind/body condition at that time.


Many of the asanas build on strength while lengthening the muscles, others stimulate organs in the body to help remove toxins, and there are a variety of relaxation postures.


Whether it be to improve your fitness, health, relax, de-stress, recover from illness, or develop an overall balanced and toned body, regardless of age yoga will have a positive effect on your whole well-being.



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Examples of the Physical Benefits of Yoga

Examples of the Mental Benefits of Yoga

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A calm, balanced & flexible mind


Improved concentration & emotional control


Encourages a positive & happy attitude

Improves: posture, circulation, stamina, fitness, concentration, skin tone, digestion and elimination processes


Reduces tension, excess body fat & toxins


Rejuvenates the body & regulates metabolism


Stimulates internal organs & supports the body’s systems


Creates a flexible body where energy flows easily


Delays the ageing process & teaches relaxation


increases energy levels


provides a balanced workout for the whole body