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We intend to use this space in positive way to share our love of yoga and much, much more.


By Sarah, Dec 21 2017 08:45PM

When visiting Orkney in May earlier this year we visited Maeshowe near Stenness. One of the most amazing things about this 5000 year old stone construction is that during the Winter Solstice ( December 20th-23rd) the low setting sun shines straight down the 14.5m long entry passageway to illuminate the main chamber - the only time in the year this happens. The back wall of the chamber is lit for a few minutes creating an orange glow. This can normally be seen on a live webcam. Today unfortunately the technology failed, although the commitment to sharing this event world wide is visionary.

The Maeshowe structure comprises large sandstone blocks, all skillfully cut and laid with precision to form a stable dome of the main chamber. The people who built this construction had appropriate technology, and understood their materials, the elements and the calendar. We are fortunate that Maeshowe is still standing today - 5000 years later clearly demonstrating the depth of these ancient people's understanding.

In order to enter Maeshowe you have to crouch down to move along the passageway, before emerging in to the main chamber, with a growing sense of awe and wonder. The use of this 'Neolithic Cathedral ' will forever fascinate me. If only we had a time machine to go back and be part of the celebrations that happened here, even for a day.

The fact that the passage is in alignment with the sun setting on the shortest day of the year is incredible and shows how in tune people were at that time with their natural environment. From this day in the year the days get longer and life gets a little bit easier day by day. Do we still feel this today ?

If you're looking from some inspiring connection with the past then I highly recommend a visit to Orkney. Much more on what we did back in May to come.

Here's a link to the Maeshowe webcam if you have time to tune in for the Sunset tomorrow or Saturday before 3.15pm, when the solstice "effect" should, weather and technology permitting, be apparent.

You can also read more about this amazing Historical site.



Simpli Yoga

By Sarah, Jul 28 2017 01:05PM

We all brush our teeth every day but how many of us include the tongue?

If you've never heard of this before it may sound strange and a bit weird. However it's a daily habit in India and is something I would recommend considering.

It may seem a bit strange to think about cleaning your tongue but I would like to encourage you to think about introducing this cleansing technique. Hopefully the following will help you to decide.

If you've ever been to see a Chinese doctor or someone trained with an Eastern influence you've probably had your tongue examined.

What our tongue indicates :

- the digestive system & how well it's functioning

- what our body is able to digest or is overloaded with

Here's a few indicators of what your tongue colour & coating may show you:

Dark Red - Inflammation or ulcer

White - Stagnation of blood circulation, excess mucous, anemia, or not enough haemoglobins

Yellow - Excess bile from the liver & gallbladder, fat being stored, mostly from poultry, eggs & dairy products.

White patches - A slow and tired digestive system.

Blue/purple - eating too many yin foods, including fruits, juices, soft drinks, chemicals , medications, drugs and sugar.

Pimples- if your tongue has pimples- your body may be having to eliminate an excess of protein, fat, or sugar from both animal & vegetable products.

Common contibutors to this are the following food combinations:

- fish & fruits

- meat & vegetable oil

- flour & dairy food

- eggs & citrus juices

Regularly cleaning my tongue has become as important as brushing my teeth. I'm always amazed at what comes away as I scrape gentle and feel better for it.

It makes sense in my mind to help the tongue do it's job. As you may already know I'm very keen on helping my body to be as healthy as I can. This very quick and simple body cleanse is one of the cleanses that I would not be without.

In India this is a daily routine and hopefully it will become more common in the West when the benefits are more widely discovered.

What you need/method:

- a plastic or metal tongue cleaner

- start at the back of the tongue and gentle scrape towards the front

- clean the scraper with fresh water and repeat

It's a lot to think about and like everything we do if you want to make a positive change in your health take it day by day. The more you respect and look after your body the more it will reward you with increased energy, vitality and overall wellbeing. Everyone deserves to have that :)

My own observations:

Since I found out about this body indicator I'm always checking to see how clear my tongue is, what the edge of it looks like and I'm constantly working on healing the little cracks I have down the middle of my tongue.I know this highlights that my small intestine is still needing more support.

I do notice that after I've been eating sugar they are worse ( that tends to be after a meal out or a special occassion - when I've relaxed my eating habits ) and it's always an added reminder that my body doesn't process this well. They are tiny now compared to before since I changed my diet and starting working on my own health.

I live in hope that one day I will look and they will have healed completely, until then I'm remaining patient to make that happen.

Sarah - Simpli Yoga

By Sarah, May 18 2017 10:38PM

Using the Netti Pot outside in the garden - Dubai 2009
Using the Netti Pot outside in the garden - Dubai 2009

How I discovered the power of the Netti pot!

During my teacher training in India we learnt about yogic cleansing and a small part of that is nasal flushing with a Netti pot.

We were asked to buy our own wee pot and were given the option of trying the cleanse one afternoon.

I can remember vividly the first time I saw this being demonstrated and didn't quite feel ready to take the plunge. " Why would I want to put salty water up my nose ? " Surely this was going to be sore to say the least. So I watched and remained as open minded as I could.

Little did I know at that time how important my Netti pot was soon to become.

During a Shatkriya Session with Suthesh after my teacher training course the option was once again there for me to find out more about the recent discovery of Nasal cleansing and the time was right to give it a go.

Carefully guided by Suthesh I found the process to be a lot more inspiring than I could possibily imagine. Don't get me wrong - it's certainly not a glamourous process but the physical and mental benefits are far too significant for me to ignore now.

You may be put off by the thought of water dripping out your nose and all that it brings with it, but please try it once.

Since that day I have regularly used the Netti pot to keep my nasal passages clear. What was amazing to see 8 years ago was the shape of my nose change.

During my childhood I had allergies and was sensitive to pollens. This would often result in a puffy nose and it feeling inflamed, or constantly sneezing and running. The Netti pot has changed all of that & I don't suffer as I did before.

If I am unlucky enough to come down with a cold then it's cruical I use it. It's also probably because I've let the regular usage of the Netti slip and the germs have not been cleared out. I won't be providing any visuals of what it's helped clear out at those times ( a lot of gunk) but it's made me feel so much better at & reduce the length of the virus.

I would highly recommend you get guidance at first using the Netti to avoid stress and unpleasantness.

What's involved:


Boiled water- a must- do not use anything else. Add a tiny pinch of sea salt and allow the water to cool to body temperature.

That's the easy bit. To then use the Netti pot I would suggest having a mirror in front of your bathroom sink. This will allow you to watch the results and it helps me to adjust my head to the right angle so the water flows freely.

Start by puttig the Netti pot tight up against the right nostril. Tip your head to the left until you feel the water passing up into your nose and keep still allowing it to pass out through the left.

Keep your mouth open and breath here as relaxed as possible.

The goal is to have a steady stream of water entering one side from your pot and exiting the open nostril. It may slow down and pause sometimes, but after regular usage there should be a change and you'll notice it passing quite easily.

After the water has passed one side you must then forcefully exhale repeatedly to make sure all of it has been removed.

Suthesh practises a particular method for this and always emphasises the importance of cleaning the nostrils inbetween and at the end.

The benefits of practising the Netti

- you may feel completely refreshed both physically & mentally

- if practised regularly it will help to keep colds & flus away

- mental clairty will improve

- eyes- shining brighter

- removes dust & other unwanted items from the nose

If you know fo anyone who suffers with sinus issues, gets recurring colds or has hayfever please encourage them to give it a go.

Sarah - Simpli Yoga

By Sarah, Sep 22 2016 04:36PM

Better known as thanks giving, especially in the West, Mabon is the time of equal balance between day and night, light and dark.

This festival was in the past the time for final harvest. A time when people gathered to celebrate as a local community Mother Nature and all she had given us during the summer.

As the nights become longer everyone took time to stock up their lardour and make produce to help keep them healthy through Autumn/Winter.

In today's society where we live we're very fortunate to have a never - ending supply of all these items at local shops 7 days a week. Adding to this if you can't source it from a shop it's become normal to go on the internet and have it delivered to your door, often within 24hours.

However for me there's nothing quite like making yuour own and why not give it a go ? It may take over your kitchen for a day or two but it'll be worth the effort.

During Mabon as they did before it's a great opportunity to celebrate with gratitude the year's harvest so far.

Our ancestors would have danced together in a circle to represent the connections of light and dark as they moved through the spiral of nature's changes and our interconnected lives.

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not we are all connected. The more we support each other the stronger each of us will become.

It is also the natural time to turn inward and mirror nature around you. Take time for yourself during the Equinox and be grateful for all that you have.

Supportive Activities at this time

Gratitude Book - If you don't already have one a notebook where you write down all that you're grateful for is a very creative way to bring more abundance into your life. This could be written daily, weekly or monthly. The more you're able to be grateful for the more you encourage good things into your life.

If you're sceptical - try it!

Sketch Book - If you're not keen at writing your feelings and thoughts out why not draw them? This doesn't have to be a work of art but the action of expressing yourself and allowing your inner thoughts to come out is hugely beneficial. The Sketch book is for your eyes so you can be free and let go knowing that no one is judging you. Have fun with it !


Simpli Yoga

By Sarah, Sep 10 2016 06:29PM

It may not be what we want to hear but the transition from Summer to Autumn isn't too far away. As we're now in September we have until the 20th to make the most of the remaining summer. Whether the weather will shift at this time remains to be seen - we are being treated to warmer days and sunshine too so fingers crossed this continues.

However there is no way to stop the natural cycle from occuring and far better to embrace it and move forward with a positive mind-set than cling to the past.

Easier said than done you might be thinking. If you've read my previous blogs you'll know that Summer is my favourite season and so letting go of everything this brings is not something I like to do each year.

As well as losing out on the sunshine, we apparently are most susceptible to catching colds etc 10 days either side of the seasonal change. That means that from 10th Sep- 30th Sep we need to do everything we can to stay as healthy as possible.

I haven't met one person who's said they're not feeling better as a result of the summer weather. Let's keep ourselves up and all the body's resources as best we can.

How as a local community can we best help ourselves to remain in good health ? Here are some suggestions as we prepare for Autumn. Most of the following is common sense and what you're probably doing already.

14 Suggestions to help you stay well into Autumn

Early to bed - aiming to be asleep by 10pm which means not spending time on the computer after 8pm to allow my brain to unwind before a quality rejuvenating sleep.

Early Rise - although you may not feel like it, it's still bright from around 6am.

Spend as much time as you can outdoors. It's still warm enough and you can make the most of the bright and dry days.

Go for an active walk and ask along a friend if you're more motivated by company. Join a lcoal walking group - not only will your health improve but it's a great way to make new friends. We are spoilt for choice in Perth & Kinross & our neighbouring regions of Fife & Clackmannanshire with superb walks on our doorstep. Make the most of them.

Vitamin D - a good quality Vitamin D supplement will help to keep your immune system up. Don't wait till Winter kicks in before taking this, start now to prevent a drop.

Vitamin C - each day I'm taking this vitamin to keep my immune system up and avoid catching anything.

Garlic & Ginger - juicing and cooking with these 2 superfoods ( they're maybe not called that but I believe they are ) to further boost immunity

Epsom Salt Baths - once Autumn officially kicks in I will be making time to soak in a salty bath or if need be a foot basin before bed. Both great ways to help cleanse the mind/body and help the blood by replacing lost minerals.

Eat fresh food daily - cooking fresh food daily is one of the best ways to look after yourself. Home cooking is much better for your than any take away or ready mean can offer.

Soups are a great evening meal to have with the seasonal veg and are very warming for the soul as we enter cooler days. Easily digested at night, they support your body to heal when it sleeps rather than dealing with digestion.

Avoid too much TV. The Olympics is almost over - sadly! Instead enjoy an evening walk, spend time in your garden or a local nature area and observe what's happening around you. Notice the birds, trees, and how the light changes as we approach the shorter days with the sun. All of this will help you to feel more in tune with your natural environment and avoid it being a big shock to your system.

Take up a new hobby - as the seasons change why not help to keep yourself fresh with a new activity that nurtures your passions. Art class, crafts, music or join a choir, try a new sport. There are classes available to suit all ages and levels of fitness. Or get your brain working in a different way and learn a new language. It's never too late to start something new and will bring a new freshness your body and mind will thank you for.

Make time for your friends - so simple, enjoyable and good for your soul. With no money required you can spend quality time with your family / friends and everyone will benefit from it.

Last but not certainly least - keep your yoga practise going. Alternate Nostril Breathing is a great daily practise to get into as it helps the left/right hemispheres stay connected. We want this connection to be as strong as possible to support the body through unwanted stress that change can bring.

Be pro-active and embrace the change as we enter Autumn. Let me know if you find any of the above useful or if there's something I've missed out.

Thanks to the lovely Lisa who's been helping me to obtain optimal health this year I am now using the company Health Leads for my vitamin supplements of C & D. They're an eco friendly company who sell high quality products at a fair price. See for more info on this company based in Wales.


Simpli Yoga

By Sarah, Apr 27 2016 08:17PM

I've recently found out that my body is back to being more acidic than it should be! Bummer. Very simply put this means that I'm more prone to pick up illness in the short term and long term. Having suffered a very acidic body in the past I know all too well that I need to sort this out now to prevent my health deteriorating any further. Especially with this being one of my favourite times of the year, I want to feel well and energetic to make the most of the outdoors. Summer is on the horizon and I'm determined to make the most of the longer days.

The Winter in Scotland and dare I mention the poor summer last year, has taken it's toll on many of us. Our immune systems are needing a major boost from the lack of sunshine in the last 9 months. I've had my fair share of what seems to have been too many colds and a nasty flu in March. Therefore I am highly motivated to improving my body and getting myself back into an alkaine state where this is less likely to happen.

One of the most effective ways to make this happen is by starting the day with a drink of water and freshly squeezed lemon,lime or grapefruit juice. It feels like a great way to start my day knowing that I'm supporting my body to achieve optimal health. This is a non-expensive way to help boost your health from the inside out. Give it a go if you haven't already. Like all things consistency and remaining patient to see a change is very important. The Natural Healing method takes time and too many of us stop before we've given the body a chance to rebalance. I guess that's where yoga for me plays a key role as it helps to teach me patience with the change I'm looking for.

How does this work ? Lemons, limes and grapefruits are chemically acid. However through the metabolising process in our bodies these fruits bring the body back to an alkaline state. The amazing power of nature. The sugar content in lemon and lime is only 3%, white grapefruit ( less sweet than pink) has 5%. What's also excellent is that they are very high in oxygen! The microforms we don't want in the body like virus, bacteria, fungus & yeast don't like oxygen. Double bonus! So the lemon juice is helping to restore the pH level of your body as well as prevent the nasties from being able to hang around. As I've been prone to these in the past I'm even more motivated to keep lemon juice as part of my daily routine now.

Daily Suggestions to Improve your pH with this very simple daily habit:

Begin the day by drinking a glass of water with fresh lemon or lime juice

Wait 30mins before having food after drinking it or ideally one hour

Drink lemon/lime in water throughout the day after your food has been digested

Finish your day with lemon or lime in water before bed

If that all sounds like too much, begin with the morning glass only and take it from there.

More information coming on Bicarbonate of Soda soon, which is also used to improve pH.

Let me know how you get on,


For some motivation to help improve your health further we have some events planned which will help:

Day Retreat at Loch Leven - 15th or 16th May

Loch Leven Residential Retreat- 13th -16th May - one space available

Morning Workshop- Sunday 5th June & 3rd July - Perth Yoga Studio

Day Retreat at Loch Leven - 16th or 17th July

Loch Leven Residential Retreat - 15th-18th July

Email: to book or see the Retreat & Workshop Page on the website.

The alkaliser - lemon juice
The alkaliser - lemon juice

By Sarah, Mar 24 2016 11:12AM

It is a tradition for a lot of people in Spring to clear out the old and make way for the new. Why stop with your cupboards and household items? Take it a stage further and give your body a clean out too.

If you have been feeling lethargic, bloated and irritable then you may benefit from cleansing your body, especially if you over indulged during the festive season.

Here are some gentle suggestions to help you get started with a healthier regime in your daily life, resulting in a more energetic and balanced mind and body. Gradually reduce the bad habits and excessive use of stimulants eg tea, coffee, sugar and carbonated drinks that your body has come to rely upon over a long period of time.

The body’s main fuel is food, therefore it is important to eat quality fresh food and avoid processed items. Food containing preservatives, additives and chemicals are much harder for our body to digest and do not provide the nourishment of fresh produce. The same applies to deep fried food. Although very tasty and great at taking away our appetite in the short term it slows down our digestive system and makes us feel sluggish afterwards. It is highly beneficial to eat seasonal vegetables and if possible local produce. By doing so we are providing our bodies with the best quality nutrition and promoting a more eco friendly lifestyle.

A recommended daily routine would be to eat 3 fresh meals a day. Healthy snacks like fruit, nuts and seeds between meal times helps to keep blood sugar levels constant and avoid low energy spirals. This is normally when we reach out for that much needed cup of tea to get us through the need to rest. A balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables will ensure our body is given a good supply of essential minerals, vitamins and energy producing substances.

If possible have your main meal of the day at lunch time. We are generally more active during the day and our body needs the energy supply from food to keep it going. Otherwise it will deplete your organs to find what it needs. The last meal of the day is best before 7pm and soup would be ideal as it’s easily digested. This will allow your body to be resting during sleep and healing itself, instead of working on emptying the contents of your stomach.

Daily exercise and being active will help your body to detox. Take advantage of the lighter mornings/evenings and spend time outside during Spring. Walking in the fresh air is very good and free, and everyone can do this at their own pace and level. A brisk walk will help to stimulate your body’s systems and raise your energy levels.

Simple yoga postures also support a detox programme. Seated twists stimulate certain organs and help rid the body of unwanted toxins. The breathing exercise Bhastrika is excellent to eliminate toxins and stale air from the lungs. This energetic practise floods all the organs and body tissues with oxygen and promotes good blood circulation to all the cells in the body. As a result we feel more energetic and clearer in the mind. With regular practice our diaphragm and lungs will become stronger and more efficient.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Regular sipping of water will create a hydrated body that can perform at it’s optimum level. Gulping a large quantity at one time will probably pass through the body quickly and not be absorbed as it should.

To finish off the day and further support a detox aim to have a regular good sleeping habit. Now that Spring is here it is easier to sleep early and rise early. The hours before midnight are very beneficial. Keeping a balance is crucial as too much sleep will make us feel lethargic. Eight hours should be adequate for most people.

If you do decide to begin a detox, always remember to do it gradually and allow your body time to readjust to new habits. Going cold turkey and cutting everything out at once is not a good idea and will shock your whole system. Start to notice how you feel after eating certain foods. Do you feel light enough but energised, or does your system feel overloaded and heavy? We recommend that you seek professional advice and a qualified Nutritionist if you really want to begin a more in depth detox.

By Sarah, Feb 16 2016 07:23PM

5 Years ago today we started our first weekly class.

We'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge everyone who's helped us along the way - we send you all a very warm and grateful thanks from our hearts.

To celebrate this milestone we have some special events planned for the year ahead.

Om Yoga Show - April 2nd/3rd - Glasgow - the first yoga show in Scotland, where we will have a stand and Suthesh will have two Open Classes.

The Spirit of India - a Summer celebration of the home of yoga.

Autumn Retreat - Loch Lomond - our first Autumn Retreat.

Kerala Mix ! - a yoga holiday to Suthesh's homeland.

Our Blog - to share with you our love of yoga and much, much more.

Day / Weekend Retreats at Loch Leven.

More Monthly workshops/ meditation nights.

If you've not been at a class or an event recently we hope to see you in the year ahead.

Thanks for being a part of our journey and helping to make our dreams a reality.

With Infinite Love & Gratitude

Suthesh & Sarah

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