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Yoga Class Testimonals

I have SLE (a form of Lupus) and PolyArthritis consequently went from an active lifestyle to quitting my career and suffering such severely swollen joints that I needed help dressing and suffered chronic fatigue at the age of 39yrs.   However, a year later at 40yrs with Suthesh's great help my symptoms have faded very much into the background.


Through weekly Yoga classes with Suthesh and topping up with Suthesh's Seasonal Workshops and massage treatments, I have learned how to listen to my body, improve its condition including nutrition and importantly adjust my mindset to positively realising just what my body and my mind are capable of.   This has vastly restored my confidence in my body and mind which took such a dent when diagnosed with Lupus and PolyArthritis.


Suthesh has taught me breathing and relaxation techniques which help control my pain and increase my energy levels.


I had no previous experience of yoga prior to attending Suthesh's.  I found Suthesh coaching me through positions easily and he offers alternative positions depending upon ability and condition.   I was so impressed I even introduced my pregnant friend to the classes.


I cannot recommend Suthesh highly enough as he has coached me through various techniques both physical  and mental to take control of my life once again and all with lots of laughter and a big smile!


Carol Allardyce (a now moving & smiling 40 yr old) :)



I was 62 years old when I started Yoga two years ago with Suthesh, and find that I am more flexible now despite having a hip replacement one year ago. I continued with my yoga classes a few weeks after the operation and worked at my own pace, listening to my body and stretching a little further each day.  The exercises given to me by the hospital are mostly taken from Yoga and started the day after the operation, and I was advised which postures I could  not do.


A yoga class with Suthesh is not just about the physical benefits, as regular practice of the postures and breathing improves concentration and counteracts stress, gives control over the emotions , particularly anger , and promotes a positive and happy attitude. I always leave his class feeling relaxed and “chilled out.”


Gloria Smart





I have attended Suthesh's class in Kinross since May 2011 and enjoy the classes immensely.  Although it is a 30 min drive in both directions it is well worth the journey.  Probably the things that I get the most benefit from are his amazing adjustments to the postures.  He clearly knows his craft and his adjustments allow me to experience a deeper understanding of my body, its limitations and encourages me to go deeper into a posture than I thought I could. Suthesh is extremely patient and the one to one attention is second to none. It is a class where time is taken and there is no feeling of rushing through each posture to get on to the next one.  His teachings are beautiful and I really feel wonderful after each class.


For anyone who has not attended a class you just don't know what you are missing!


Lyndsay Eason


A few thoughts on simpliyoga - It's about 4 months since I started yoga and what a difference it has made to my well being! Having reached that milestone of 50 my body started to cause me increasing grief, aches and pains becoming permanent companions! I'm a keen curler and tennis player so when I received the simliyoga e- mail I thought I'd give it a bash and what a good move that was!

Since starting the class everything is working better! My posture , movement, flexibility and balance have improved, similar to how I felt in my early 40's! Over the weeks I've thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of getting my body into positions and stretches that I didn't think I could do and now can! I use quite a lot of what I've learned to loosen up before and after sport and yes I still ache but nothing like I used to!


It hasn't only been beneficial to my body, once a week I know I will completely relax and that head massage at the end of the class is wonderful!


Looking forward to learning more Suthesh! Susan



We both really enjoy our Yoga Classes.  We have found that our general fitness and health has improved and our balance for curling has certainly benefited.  It is also a relaxing experience and good fun.  Much more enjoyable than the yoga classes we attended previously as Suthesh keeps the classes varied and interesting.


Mike & Debbie




"My balance has improved and I have much better flexibility since attending Yoga for Curlers. This has resulted in a more controlled slide and greater confidence on the ice."


"I always have a feeling of well-being after a  yoga class."


A regular class member



Curling Class Testimonals

Prenatal Testimonal


Dear All


I’m a mother of 2 girls aged 8 years and 14 months old, I would like to share my experience of how yoga helped with the smooth and safe delivery of my second daughter.


I did start yoga sessions under the guidance of Mr Suthesh from week 13 , it was very relaxing and I slept good during the night.

I continued my sessions till the last week of my term.

To my surprise I was admitted into the labour room by 11.25am

( I walked myself to the fourth floor with a mild pain) and I kissed my baby by 11.45am. When I compare this with the experience of my first labour which I had suffered for hours with very intense pain this is really a quick and fast one. I recommend all out there to practice yoga during your prenatal period and have a very easy and safe delivery. Please feel free to contact me or Suthesh for the special yoga sessions for pregnant women.


Please experience this joy.





Dr. Vidhya Vinod,

Executive Director

HERIOT WATT University Dubai Campus