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Authentic Ayurveda and yoga therapies direct from Kerala in India...

CPD Workshops

Let's breathe ! Our breath is so powerful and when used correctly can help us to feel balanced in mind, body and soul within a few minutes.


By using a vareity of breathing exercieses you'll learn ways to energise, promote inner calm and invigorate your whole system.


Whether you've been practising prananyama or not this workshop will add to your understanding and give you the confidence to include breathing more in your own classes.

Positive Pranayama

Sound Meditation - The Power of Chanting

Suthesh is a natural at leading sound meditations and will guide you through this powerful and positive experience.


There are so many benefits from chanting which include: raising your own vibration, energising you and bringing you to a deep sense of inner peace.


Practising in a group enhances the experience even further.


If you're looking for a spiritual experience and to strenghten your own connection this is the workshop for you.

Balance On Hands

Magical Mudras

Mudras are a powerful addition to any posture and yoga practise and will enhance your students experience too.


Suthesh will introduce mudras, their benefits and how best to include these in your own practise as well as your classes.


Develop your own teaching practise with learning more about this essential element of yoga.

Authentic Sanskrit

If you'd like to learn how to pronounce the Sanskrit names and understand more about their meaning then this is a great workshop for you.


The Sanskrit names will be explained and their correct sound taught as Suthesh was by his Masters in India.


The workshop will include a physical practise &  end with a guided meditation.