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Meditation is one of Suthesh's main strengths in his yoga teaching. From years of experience and a strong self-practise he is able to guide people through a sequence of yoga, breathing, mudra and sound to find their inner peace.


Each session will have a different emphasis either sound, breathing or a combination of all four techniques to bring the individuals attending to their own balanced and harmonious state.


You don't have to be an experienced practitioner to attend. Suthesh welcomes all levels into his classes and will lead you through the class step by step.


For some people sitting still cross-legged in Sukhasana can be the biggest challenge at a meditation session. Our modern furniture has changed our posture and muscle strength. However blocks, pillows and if necessary a chair can be used to make everyone feel comfortable. Maintaining a straight spine is the main objective of the seating posture however it's not essential to sit in this pose to meditate.


Lotus is said to be the ideal position for meditation but this posture requires a great deal of flexibility in the knees and hips. Unless you practise yoga regularly this may not be achievable. Come along and you'll be helped to adjust this classic pose to suit you. Don't let this stop you from attending or feel initimidated by others who are sitting in lotus.


Your experience during a meditation session is unique to you and may be much deeper than those who've been pracitising for a long time. Come along with an open mind and stay focused on what's happening within your body & mind. Hopefully it will be a very positive and pleasant experience.


You won't know until you give it a go! Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

The classic pose for meditation - Lotus ( Padmasana ) with a relaxed Maha mudra hand position.  


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