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Authentic Ayurveda and yoga therapies direct from Kerala in India...



Suthesh, from Kerala in India, is a Naturopath ( DNYS) , Reiki Master and Ayurvedic/  Yoga Therapist. He has studied yoga for 20 years, taught by the traditional method in his local area with Sad Guru Maniyettan Yogasramam , and later Sri Sri Ravishankar in Bangalore.  


Suthesh is a registered SYT with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK.


He lives his life according to the Yamas & Nyamas, which are the Moral Principles of Yoga and self-purification discipline guides. These include non-violence, non-greed, honesty and gratitude for our present life. You don't have to be in his company for long before this is clearly evident.


His daily practice of yoga and meditation ensure that he is at his best for each client. As work is Suthesh's biggest passion you are guaranteed a quality treatment from his combined skills and dedication to helping people obtain optimum health.


Suthesh completed a Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Science at the All India Nature Cure Federation, working as a practitioner in local hospitals in Kerala, and has been a certified Ayurvedic Therapist since 2003. Clients describe him as having a very pure and clean energy.


He has been working in Scotland for 5 years since leaving Dubai where he worked at a variety of Hotels and Spas across the city.


Suthesh is available for privates within Perthshire & Edinburgh.


Client Testimonal


" Suthesh is, for me, an inspired yoga instructor in that he displays a senstivity to his students which is quite impressive for a male teacher. He also instinctively knows the most beneficial asanas for certain ailments or disabilities and guides his class with quiet encouragement to go beyond their norm. He is clearly an advanced yogi and he applies his practice since his childhood and his knowledge of Ayurvedic healing to all he meets, in or out of class.

I feel that all his instruction is based on love of his fellow human beings and I welcome his teachings into my life.

His humbleness, his gentleness and his desire to assist others are accolodate enough."


Rona M.Fleming.Dubai UAE. ex Scotland.