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Capricorn New Moon

13th January 2021

New Moon in Capricorn blessings to you all at the start of 2021. With this new moon we may be looking for inspiration as we begin the New Year. The qualities of ambition, striving and achieving are strong in Capricorn. However it doesn't achieve these without patience and perseverance, so patient we will have to be to get things moving forward in the way we want to. That doesn't mean we should be thinking small however.

" We cannot achieve more in our life than what we believe in our heart of hearts we deserve to have." James R Ball

Capricorn brings a structural preference, the goat is happy amongst the mountains, climbing steadily with small steps until it reaches great heights. Keep focused on one step at a time if you feel there's a long way to go to meeting your current goals.

Related to our bones and especially our knees Capricorn has a big influence on our body. Let's take a moment to have gratitude for our bones, our skeletal structure that enables us to stand tall and move around.

Don't feel you have to get everything up and going in the next few weeks. Be clear on your intentions, goals and plans and let them unfolded and be flexible when things don't exactly go to plan. Remember the bamboo image of it blowing in the wind, strong through it's roots it remains upright despite the winds pushing against it.

A New Moon can be a low and dark time, but know that brighter and lighter days are ahead as we enter this cycle. If you're tired then rest, do some restorative yoga, meditate and keep looking after yourself with good hydration and nourishing foods.

If you've been over indulging at the festive time now is a good time to start making the changes you want in your diet. Some of us can cut everything out at once and for others it would be more realistic to start with one thing at a time. Be kind to yourself and know that each day is a chance for a new beginning.

" The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." Chinese proverb.

Questions to ask :

  • Am I making the decisions in my life? 
  • What makes me feel safe and secure? 
  • What is my truth ? 
  • What did I learn in 2020 ?

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Bach Flower Essence Suggestions:

Impatiens: for when we're quick tempered and lack patience

Star of Bethlehem : for shock and grief

Larch: for when we find ourselves lacking in confidence

Gorse: nickname "Sunshine in a bottle" for when we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel

Aspen: for anxiety and fears of an unknown origin

Mimulus: when we can name the thing we're scared of eg. Spiders, the dark.
Walnut: Adjustment to change and times of transition, also good to protect sensitive people from outside influences, known as the chain braker
Oak: for when we feel exhausted but struggle on
Gentian: for despondency and despair, when we feel like giving up, when our mood is down.
Centuary : for when we feel weak-willed and unable to say no to people

You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.

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Keep taking things one step at a time to climb the mountain of your hearts desires. With Capricorn being an Earth sign I've used our planet colours this month and wish you well on the next 2 weeks ahead.  

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