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Full Moon in Sagittarius

4th June 2023

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius Blessings to you all. Hope this energetic full moon is not stirring things up, or if it is then maybe it's time to really pay attention to what is being highlighted and where change for personal growth needs to happen.

Some suggestions for at this time:

see the bigger picture
free yourself
make time to connect to your higher self
listen to your intuition
be bold and have an adventure
release the clutter and whatever is holding you back
what do you want your life to be like?
are you asking too little of yourself right now ?

If Life has become stale and you're a bit bored or needing change I think April Elliot Kent's words will inspire you forward.

"So, shake things up. Open your mind, and challenge your comfort zone. Reach out for something new, something more. Dream bigger. Raise your eyes skyward at this Full Moon, and keep careful watch. Something exciting could be headed your way - maybe even an alien of your very own! "

Read her full article here.

Another wonderful astrologer Dana Gerhardt describes a Sagittarius Moon opposite a Gemini Sun as " a highly chaotic & stimulating energy." If you're finding that right now then she suggests the following activities to calm things down. Read her full article here. 

working in the garden
walking in nature
talking to a friend you can trust
the daily chores

Hope everyone is remaining focused on good things as we move towards the Summer Equinox later this month. It's so tempting to stay up late all the time at the moment, it almost doesn't feel right going to bed when it's still light. Be careful to find a balance within this lighter half of the year as too many late nights quickly catches up with you. Remember your body loves the rest before midnight when it does lots of essential healing.

Yoga Suggestions

For your yoga practise this week you could honour the full moon energy by noticing your thighs and seeing the strength that this part of the body gives you. Warrior postures are always good for that and the powerful Utkatasana, something in the West we need to do much more of.

Bach Flower Suggestions that might be useful:

Larch- confidence and self-belief

Honeysuckle- letting go of the past

Walnut - releasing the chains that are holding you back

Cerato- listening to our own inner voice for guidance and not seeking it from others


For more info on Bach Flower Essences and to organise a one to one consultation email Sarah.

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