We all brush our teeth every day but how many of us include the tongue?

If you've never heard of this before it may sound strange and a bit weird. However it's a daily habit in India and is something I would recommend considering.

It may seem a bit strange to think about cleaning your tongue but I would like to encourage you to think about introducing this cleansing technique. Hopefully the following will help you to decide.

If you've ever been to see a Chinese doctor or someone trained with an Eastern influence you've probably had your tongue examined.

What our tongue indicates :

- the digestive system & how well it's functioning

- what our body is able to digest or is overloaded with

Here's a few indicators of what your tongue colour & coating may show you:

Dark Red - Inflammation or ulcer

White - Stagnation of blood circulation, excess mucous, anemia, or not enough haemoglobins

Yellow - Excess bile from the liver & gallbladder, fat being stored, mostly from poultry, eggs & dairy products.

White patches - A slow and tired digestive system.

Blue/purple - eating too many yin foods, including fruits, juices, soft drinks, chemicals , medications, drugs and sugar.

Pimples- if your tongue has pimples- your body may be having to eliminate an excess of protein, fat, or sugar from both animal & vegetable products.

Common contibutors to this are the following food combinations:

- fish & fruits

- meat & vegetable oil

- flour & dairy food

- eggs & citrus juices

Regularly cleaning my tongue has become as important as brushing my teeth. I'm always amazed at what comes away as I scrape gentle and feel better for it.

It makes sense in my mind to help the tongue do it's job. As you may already know I'm very keen on helping my body to be as healthy as I can. This very quick and simple body cleanse is one of the cleanses that I would not be without.

In India this is a daily routine and hopefully it will become more common in the West when the benefits are more widely discovered.

What you need/method:

- a plastic or metal tongue cleaner

- start at the back of the tongue and gentle scrape towards the front

- clean the scraper with fresh water and repeat

It's a lot to think about and like everything we do if you want to make a positive change in your health take it day by day. The more you respect and look after your body the more it will reward you with increased energy, vitality and overall wellbeing. Everyone deserves to have that :)

My own observations:

Since I found out about this body indicator I'm always checking to see how clear my tongue is, what the edge of it looks like and I'm constantly working on healing the little cracks I have down the middle of my tongue.I know this highlights that my small intestine is still needing more support.

I do notice that after I've been eating sugar they are worse ( that tends to be after a meal out or a special occassion - when I've relaxed my eating habits ) and it's always an added reminder that my body doesn't process this well. They are tiny now compared to before since I changed my diet and starting working on my own health.

I live in hope that one day I will look and they will have healed completely, until then I'm remaining patient to make that happen.

Sarah - Simpli Yoga

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