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Mabon - The Autumn Equinox

Septemer 20th-23rd

Better known as thanks giving, especially in the West, Mabon is the time of equal balance between day and night, light and dark.

This festival was in the past the time for final harvest. A time when people gathered to celebrate as a local community Mother Nature and all she had given us during the summer.

As the nights become longer everyone took time to stock up their lardour and make produce to help keep them healthy through Autumn/Winter.

In today's society where we live we're very fortunate to have a never - ending supply of all these items at local shops 7 days a week. Adding to this if you can't source it from a shop it's become normal to go on the internet and have it delivered to your door, often within 24hours.

However for me there's nothing quite like making your own and why not give it a go ? It may take over your kitchen for a day or two but it'll be worth the effort.

During Mabon as they did before it's a great opportunity to celebrate with gratitude for the year's harvest so far.

Our ancestors would have danced together in a circle to represent the connections of light and dark as they moved through the spiral of nature's changes and our interconnected lives.

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not we are all connected. The more we support each other the stronger each of us will become.

It is also the natural time to turn inward and mirror nature around you. Take time for yourself during the Equinox and be grateful for all that you have.

Supportive Activities at this time:

Gratitude Book - If you don't already have one a notebook where you write down all that you're grateful for is a very creative way to bring more abundance into your life. This could be written daily, weekly or monthly. The more you're able to be grateful for the more you encourage good things into your life.
If you're sceptical - try it!

Sketch Book - If you're not keen at writing your feelings and thoughts out why not draw them? This doesn't have to be a work of art but the action of expressing yourself and allowing your inner thoughts to come out is hugely beneficial. The Sketch book is for your eyes so you can be free and let go knowing that no one is judging you

Have fun with it !

Bach Flower Suggestions to support the seasonal change

  • Walnut - for adjustment to change, and transition
  • Aspen - fear of the unknown, any anxiety about moving into the darker half of the year
  • Honeysuckle - for letting go of the past
  • Clematis - for grounding to the earth

You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements. 

Thanks for reading,