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Scorpio New Moon

15th Nov 2020

New Moon Blessings to you all from the passionate and magnetic Scorpio. I'm sure we're all feeling the deep emotional pulls of this New Moon, one of the most intense ones of 2020. The fixed water sign of the zodiac is encouraging us to dig deep and take the opportunity for our own healing.

This is the perfect time to acknowledge and accept our deepest emotions. Ones that perhaps we're scared to go towards and yet when we do a healing will take place and we can move forward lighter and wiser from our experiences.

Scorpio is connected to our sacral area, housing our reproductive and excretory organs. Take time to be aware of this part of your body.

The Scorpion qualities include being keen to get into what's really happening in our relationships, not what's on the surface, but the many layers below. What are we concealing from others and ourselves?

Perhaps the part of ourselves we're scared to share is what others are needing right now.

We are building up to a Lunar Eclipse next month so it' a good time to get clear on how we're really feeling for a release with the Full Moon.

If we feel blocked or that feelings have become stuck they will keep us separated from our true selves. Spend some time writing them out, don't hold back, and then cleanse yourself by burning or drowning them. Your yoga and meditation will also greatly help release the emotions/feelings.

With pure intention it is possible to cleanse our body, let ourselves heal old wounds and move forward refreshed into a new life, a better one, more heart connected.

Scorpio will help you to clear out and get rid of what you no longer need. We must let go to allow ourselves to heal from past wounds, create new opportunities and renew our passion for life.

Continue to take time in nature. Not only rushing through or busy talking to a friends s good as that is for us. But by pausing, observing and listening to the natural environment. Be still and watch at what happens in the woods or by the river when you're silent. It's quite a different experience when you're fully present in the living and breathing natural world.

Challenging experiences deepen our wisdom. We've certainly had a lot of challenges this year. From them we have learnt what's really important and how we can no longer allow communities to be separate, how wonderful thing happens with them working together, supporting each other and being kind. It's that simple.

What around us no longer serves this world we desire?

For our overall health and wellbeing we must embrace not only the seasonal change but the many changes happening around us. We can't turn the clock back and by resisting a new way of life we're setting ourselves up for more stress, more disconnection and prolonged separation.

Facing the truth isn't always easy but it's the only way we can make the changes required for everyone, for our planet, for the future generations.

Trust the process and take a big leap of faith that everything is going to work out for the best.



Questions to ask:

What have I learnt about myself this year ?

What is important to me ?

What are we concealing from others and ourselves?

What around us no longer serves this world we desire?

What part of myself am I not willing to share ?

What part of myself am I scared won't be accepted?

Am I listening to my soul needs ?

Am I willing to let go of what can no longer exist?

Bach Flower Essence Suggestions: Honeysuckle: letting go of the past, and being in the present Impatiens : for when we feel impatient, easily irritated, and want things done quickly Walnut: Adjustment to change and times of transition, also good to protect sensitive people from outside influences, known as the chain braker Olive: feeling the strain of the last 8 months, restore your vitality with Olive - mind & body energy Oak: for when we feel exhausted but struggle on Heather: loneliness - when we are very talkative about our self to others Water Violet: Loneliness - when we conceal how we're really feeling Gentian: for despondency and despair, when we feel like giving up, when our mood is down. Gorse: nickname "Sunshine in a bottle" for when we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel

Larch: for when we're needing confidence and courage

You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.

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A bit of nostalgia for me this month as Scorpio was the first image I created myself for my Moon writings back in May this year. The same background with a new outline of the lucky colour for Scorpio deep red. Wishing you all the luck in the world in the weeks ahead.

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