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Why I love my Netti Pot!

By Sarah

Using the Netti Pot outside in the garden - Dubai 2009

Using the Netti Pot outside in the garden - Dubai 2009

How I discovered the power of the Netti pot!


During my teacher training in India we learnt about yogic cleansing and a small part of that is nasal flushing with a Netti pot.


We were asked to buy our own wee pot and were given the option of trying the cleanse one afternoon.


I can remember vividly the first time I saw this being demonstrated and didn't quite feel ready to take the plunge. " Why would I want to put salty water up my nose ? " Surely this was going to be sore to say the least. So I watched and remained as open minded as I could.


Little did I know at that time how important my Netti pot was soon to become.


During a Shatkriya Session with Suthesh after my teacher training course the option was once again there for me to find out more about the recent discovery of Nasal cleansing and the time was right to give it a go.


Carefully guided by Suthesh I found the process to be a lot more inspiring than I could possibily imagine. Don't get me wrong - it's certainly not a glamourous process but the physical and mental benefits are far too significant for me to ignore now.


You may be put off by the thought of water dripping out your nose and all that it brings with it, but please try it once.


Since that day I have regularly used the Netti pot to keep my nasal passages clear. What was amazing to see 8 years ago was the shape of my nose change.


During my childhood I had allergies and was sensitive to pollens. This would often result in a puffy nose and it feeling inflamed, or constantly sneezing and running. The Netti pot has changed all of that & I don't suffer as I did before.


If I am unlucky enough to come down with a cold then it's cruical I use it. It's also probably because I've let the regular usage of the Netti slip and the germs have not been cleared out. I won't be providing any visuals of what it's helped clear out at those times ( a lot of gunk) but it's made me feel so much better at & reduce the length of the virus.


I would highly recommend you get guidance at first using the Netti to avoid stress and unpleasantness.


What's involved:




Boiled water- a must- do not use anything else. Add a tiny pinch of sea salt and allow the water to cool to body temperature.


That's the easy bit. To then use the Netti pot I would suggest having a mirror in front of your bathroom sink. This will allow you to watch the results and it helps me to adjust my head to the right angle so the water flows freely.


Start by puttig the Netti pot tight up against the right nostril. Tip your head to the left until you feel the water passing up into your nose and keep still allowing it to pass out through the left.


Keep your mouth open and breath here as relaxed as possible.


The goal is to have a steady stream of water entering one side from your pot and exiting the open nostril. It may slow down and pause sometimes, but after regular usage there should be a change and you'll notice it passing quite easily.


After the water has passed one side you must then forcefully exhale repeatedly to make sure all of it has been removed.


Suthesh practises a particular method for this and always emphasises the importance of cleaning the nostrils inbetween and at the end.


The benefits of practising the Netti


- you may feel completely refreshed both physically & mentally

- if practised regularly it will help to keep colds & flus away

- mental clairty will improve

- eyes- shining brighter

- removes dust & other unwanted items from the nose


If you know fo anyone who suffers with sinus issues, gets recurring colds or has hayfever please encourage them to give it a go.


Sarah - Simpli Yoga