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Aries Full Moon

1st October 2020

Today we are celebrating the Harvest Moon, which is the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox just passed.

With the Aries full moon it's a time to be grateful for our own harvest and all the positive things in our life. Although you may be feeling that you've not achieved or done everything that you wanted this year, very few will have, take a moment to reflect on your own journey and how you've adapted to the changes brought to us this year. No matter how small you may think the positives are they are all important.

Aries moon is ruled by Mars, so they're always up for a bit of fun. This is a great time to make that happen. They love to play games and if you have the company of children this would be an energising and uplifting activity to tap into our own inner child. Charades would be a good example that all ages can play together, and is possible over a screen, the fun and imaginative side will do everyone wonders. Or if you're meeting outside in a safe place a game of hide and seek is enjoyed by children of all ages, throwing a frisbee, kicking a ball anything that will bring the play element to the surface.

Aries moons bring motivation and energy - you'll get satisfaction from getting things completed and all that de-cluttering can continue until your home radiates beauty and practicality, supporting the need for order/balance that comes on Oct 2nd when Venus enters Virgo. Virgo favouring simplicity, and Venus loving beauty - is everything in your home giving you that ? If not maybe it's time for it to move on to someone else.

If you're feeling too fired up - go for a run, a fast walk, a challenging cycle, release the tension through the active process. For those who'd prefer to stay home why not try increasing your own sun salutations. This will give your whole body a workout and then allow yourself to rest in Savasana at the end to reap the rewards from your practise.

Or another suitable Aries activity is to clean your floor, put on some inspiring music and release your energy as you spruce up your home.

The body part associated with Aries is the head, brain, face and eyes. Notice how your eyes feel at this time when you do your eye tracking , is the feeling more intense ? Treat yourself to a home pamper, a face mask, a steamy or a head massage. Find the areas that need worked on and massage into them to release the tension. A lovely soothing activity before bed or when you first get up.

The desire to travel is something that Aries love and as that may not be possible for us at this time, then see if you can find somewhere in your local neighbourhood that you've not walked or discovered yet. If you can explore a new area the new sights and surroundings will liven up your senses. Perhaps watching a travel programme or a series set in a different country will satisfy the need to travel until it's possible. I love watching 48 Hours Travel Man with Richard Ayoade in a city, his quick wit and exploring is fun to watch, & I've learnt so much from Rick Stein's Meditarrean Escapes - I only wish they showed more vegetarian cooking.

Aries qualities include resilience, independence, confidence and a capable manner. They have a youthful soul, that can be headstrong, likes to take risks, speaks what's on their minds, and bring to a fresh enthusiasm to what they do. Sometimes they can be impatient, and for the sensitive water signs ( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces ) their direct and open talk can be hard to handle. As much as their temper can flare up it just as easily cool back down, they won't hold a grudge.

One of the most appealing qualities of the Aries is their authentic self. They are who they are and people warm in their company knowing that there's no pretending. If everyone was being their authentic self with no hidden agenda I wonder how our world we feel ?

If the energy around is making you feel impulsive, impatient or hot tempered quickly then take time to do a grounding activity - walk in nature, keep going with your yoga, meditate and allow your feelings to calm down before speaking to others in a way that may be damaging or add to the tension.

Whilst the Full Moon is in Aries, the sign of the individual, the Sun is now in Libra, highlighting our relationships. These opposing signs may create tension but will also help to find the equilibrium where it's required. If you've been compromising and working through things with others you may notice things becoming easier now.

Saturn turned direct on Sep 28th, helping us to come to terms with what we've achieved and what hasn't been possible. It's encouraging us to look carefully at the boundaries & ambitions we set for ourselves. Get clear on what's your comfort zone and use this as you move forward.

With Mars squared for those of us working on projects it may feel like you're struggling to make progress. Remain patient and tap into the Aries bravery and confidence to stick to your goals.

On October the 4th Pluto turns direct, we will feel this energy before and after the 4th. Highlighting what is important to us and how can we empower ourselves?

Be strong and hold fast to the changes you want to see in this world. Every little bit helps.

Questions to ask:

What am I harvesting right now ?

What's growing from my previous intentions ?

What is making me angry ?

How can I prevent myself from getting bored ?

Am I thinking before I speak ?

Am I doing activities that stimulate my senses ?

What around me no longer serves me ?

What is important to me ?

Bach Flower Essence Suggestions:

Impatiens : for when we feel impatient, easily irritated, and want things done quickly

Walnut: Adjustment to change and times of transition, also good to protect sensitive people from outside influences.

Olive: feeling the strain of the last 6 months, restorer your vitality with Olive - mind & body energy

Holly: for when we feel angry, jealous or envious of others and can sometimes be cruel and violent to others

Scleranthus: for when we're unable to make clear decisions, feeling out of balance

Gentian: For despondency and despair, when we feel like giving up, when our mood is down.

Larch: if you're needing a confidence boost

Full Moon Blessings to you all,


You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.

broken image

This is the first black and white image I've been drawn to do. Inspired by the need for simplicity this month, the inner balance, yin and yang. There's a few smudges on it as the berries and flowers I brought in from the garden to bring in a harvest feel were still wet. Hope you get a chance to see the Harvest Moon this evening, it's been so bright and powerful.