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Virgo New Moon

17th September 2020

New Moon in Virgo Blessings to you all. With this New Moon we can prioritise our own health, tackle big tasks by breaking them down into small steps, and have a clear out of all things that no longer serve us.

Our Sun and Moon are both now in the practical and service oriented Virgo. You will find many nurses, doctors and teachers are Virgos. Other qualities are independence, devotion, methodical, conscientious, and they can have strong opinions.

It's another time in the year of global impact being very noticeable - further West the powers of the fires and winds are challenging so many people, her in the UK our own weather seems slightly more unpredictable than usual. It's impossible not to feel this impact.

Virgo is the sign most connected to the Earth so it may bring a stronger connection for you at this time.

On reading the astrology reports for this New Moon it seems the need to focus on the here and now is the best way forward. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed with our Planet's conditions but if we can all use the Virgo quality of breaking down big tasks into small manageable sizes then we'll all be in a much better place. Every little bit that we can do helps.

Start by taking care of yourself - your health - your body is your own planet. Virgos are very health oriented - tap into this and clean up your own home. Are you giving it enough fresh water every day ? Are you feeding it foods that nourish your taste buds or your digestive system ? Think carefully about your meals and snacks, make sure each one is giving your body/mind some nutrition and goodness.

Virgo is all about the digestive system. I believe the older generation have stronger guts than a lot of younger people. Too many fast foods as a main diet, with chemical fizzy drinks and overly sweetened beverages are part of the reason why a lot of the younger generation in this country have a poor digestive system. Even more so if they've been taking antibiotics and have not been on a course of probiotics afterwards.

The older generation, I think back to my Grandparents and seeing what they ate, lived in a less toxic environment, less chemicals in their food and surroundings, their eating habits were more seasonal, simple and fresh. They would be growing their own produce in some form.

The importance of the gut not only for our immune system but how we feel overall is vital. You can't be feeling good if your insides are congested and toxic. There will be a whole range of side effects registered in the body from a digestive system that's sluggish and poor. Trust me I've been there a long time ago, and it wasn't nice.

One key thing to help is to make sure you're drinking enough fresh filtered water every day. This shouldn't be in one big gulp, that overloads the system and will probably come out the other end very quickly. When we're dehydrated we tend to urinate the liquids out very quickly as they're unable to be absorbed on a cellular level. Think of a plant that you've let become dry, as soon as you water it there's a pool at the bottom of the tray. Instead we should be sipping water throughout the day, avoid drinking too much at meal times and straight afterwards. Too much liquid will weaken the digestive acids from doing their jobs of breaking down the foods.

As the temperarture starts to drop, or it should be soon anyway, we can warm the drinks we have. Our body is not cold inside, it's warm and putting too many cold drinks and foods into it will have a negative effect, one being stressing the liver.

And it's not just what we eat that's important, there are lots of books talking about that, but how well we are able to digest the foods nutrients into our system.

With this New Moon in Virgo I urge you to make your own health a priority, it's so important for your mind and body, those around you and your greater community.

The planet alignment is supporting big efforts, practical plans and becoming realistic about where we are. However Mars and Saturn are also perhaps going to create obstacles and a not so easy path- patience and perseverance are required further.

If you haven't already it's a good time to de-clutter your home and work space. Clear out all the things that are slowing you down, find new homes for them, pass them on or donate them to a local charity. Your mind will feel clearer if you freshen up your own space.

We have to work together- use our strengths - and find a way to move forward on an Earth connected future for the next generations. I don't believe Mother Nature wants us to suffer, however many of us have been very selfish with our time here on Earth and it's reminding us that we must find a more balanced way of living. It's not all about us !

Lots of us are already doing what we can to lead an eco-friendly life, we just need that to spread out further and make it the majority. Nature will bounce back as it's proven when given the right conditions, without bitterness and without anger, something we can learn a lot from. Stay focused on a brighter future and take those small steps, the small details to make it happen.

Blessings Sarah

Questions to ask:

  • Am I drinking enough fresh water throughout the day ?
  • Am I getting enough quality sleep to allow my body to rest and heal ?
  • Am I nurturing my body/mind with my daily foods ?
  • Is my home and work area a clear and positive space ?
  • What can I do to make my impact on the Earth less? 

Bach Flower Suggestions: 

Elm - feeling overwhelmed with responsibility on too much on your shoulders, this is the one for you

Scleranthus - for when feeling out of balance, struggling to make clear decisions

Olive - for mind and body energy, after long times of peseverance or convalescence this helps restore the body

Walnut - for adjustment to change, transitions and for this who feel over sensitive to outside influences

Honeysuckle: If you're looking back to the past and thinking life was better before Honeysuckle will help you move forward, cutting the links from dreaming of how life used to be.

You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.

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Drawing people isn't my chosen thing so I'm trying not to be over critical of this piece and focus on it's strengths.I may change the outside colour too. I've had a big pull to India since March and I hope that this captures some of the mystical qualities that can only be felt deep in the senses when you're there in this wonderful, endlessly inspiring country.