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Pisces Full Moon

2nd September 2020

Full Moon Blessings to you all. With this dreamy and emotional Full Moon it's a time to allow ourselves to rest, tap into our own creative energy and be ready to listen to our intuitive voice.


With our Pisces Full Moon and Sun in Virgo it's a time to keep balancing our decisions. Virgo prefers logic whereas Pisces prefers Faith or a feeling.

The body part associated with Pisces is our feet and toes. If we were a fish this would be our tail. Our feet, our foundation, for most people are what carries us from A to B. They enable us to walk, run, climb, jump and dance amongst other things. Connecting with our feet is hugely important when you consider that every movement we make with our whole body on land starts with them.

Anyone in the UK who's watched celebrities be told on Strictly Dancing they need to use their feet has seen how less graceful and sometimes awkward a person dancing can be when they're not using their feet with intention, even after weeks of training some of the celebrities are just not connected with that part of their body. There dancing will never become like the smooth fox of Fred Astaire until they do.

Being from a dance background it's something I learnt at a young age and lessons that I'm very grateful for. One of my Scottish heroes Sir Sean Connery is someone who doesn't have this connection problem. Just watch him leaping around gracefully in Goldfinger and you'll see that he's learnt about posture and how to walk. It makes me very proud.

Take time this Full Moon to fully appreciate your wonderful feet if you have them and take a mindful walk noticing each step, your weight and how this effects your posture.

If we're feeling confused by mixed messages and not quite sure who to trust, take time to consider your options.

Are we seeing things as they really are or the well known phrase with 'rose tinted glasses.'

Take a sensible view of both our sun and moon influence right now before acting. A balanced overview always helps and being open to seeing things from the other point of view. We must accept things and each other as they are.

With Virgo Sun influence we are clear on who's lying, how they distort the truth and remain inconsistent. The Pisces influence of hope and a more cautious approach let's us see what means most to us and helps us know where we want to move forward to.

The positioning of the awakener Uranus to the Full Moon means what is revealed might not be easy to deal with and may create shocks within our system, but it will help to waken us up from being disillusioned.

As more people take charge and decide what our future will be we need to be switched on and fully informed to make it happen.

If you've been feeling emotional the last few days it's no surprise as the strong water element that a Pisces Full Moon brings helps bring our feelings to the surface. Be kind to yourself and allow some self-care. Now would be a good time to set aside some non-disturbed time alone. Perhaps a cleansing salty bath, a silent walk in nature, a wild swim if you are feeling brave enough, or meditate and reduce the stimulation around you. Switch off and allow yourself to be emersed into the water or nature around you.

This was one positive I feel from our recent lockdown, I think it allowed a lot of people's nervous systems to fully rest from being here and there, overworked and all the outside influences we're expected to cope with. We are not robots, and should not be pressured into acting/working like one.

If family and friends are ok give yourself permission to turn your phone off or take a break from social media. The world's not going to stop spinning if you do.

With my last post I encouraged everyone to avoid the news if it's adding to your stress. Instead take care of our own world around you for a while and know that it's safe to do so.

Do what you know rejuvenates your soul, your spirit, give space for your inner voice to be heard and listened to.

On September 9th Mars will go retrograde till Nov 13/14. Some of us may notice this more than others. Mars the warrior energy appears to be moving backwards and is not as strong. Therefore what it has an influence on will not most likely be as successful. We may feel unsettled, angry and become more easily frustrated.

Make a conscious effort to not overwork or over commit yourself during this period between Sep 9th - Nov 13. Avoid getting involved with people who are wanting to be outwardly aggressive. Allow your inner warrior to rest and avoid unnecessary stress by pushing on when it's not an appropriate time.

Music and the creative outlets of art and dance are a Piscean quality that will help to lift the soul and energise our mind/ body. Make time for them and enjoy being spontaneous and free/playful with your choices.

Another Pisces quality to tap into is our intuition. We are all on occasion guilty of burying that feeling, the inner voice and letting ourselves be led away from what ultimately is best for us. If we listen and trust our own feelings everything will be ok.

Let's not use the potential of numbing our feelings of unhappiness with alcohol or drugs to escape our reality. Perhaps our modern method of social media can become a tool to also do the same, or over-working so we don't have time to process our feelings.

Pisces has an addiction quality, one thing we all want to avoid. It's a quick fix that leads to complications you don't want to begin if you can help it.

For those of you who others will call psychic or you find yourself knowing things that you shouldn't your ability to see/know will be stronger at this Full Moon. Use it wisely.

Find the balance in your life of the Virgo focus on the body, the small details and getting things right with the Piscean focus on spirit and the overall view of what's involved. Each can support the other to find equilibrium if we recognise the need for both.

What we decide to do consciously is a much different experience than what we take in unconsciously. Take control and decide for yourself which one you want to be.

Use the Pisces qualities of compassion and gentleness, to look after yourself and the world around you. We all have the potential to make the world a better place.

Questions to ask yourself:

Am I trusting my instincts ?

Am I grounding myself ?

Am I allowing myself to rest ?

Am I making time for what makes me happy ?

Bach Flower Essence suggestions:

Centaury: giving us the strength to say no, for when we feel weak-willed and led astray

Clematis: to help with grounding, great for creative minds and when we find ourselves daydreaming to escape from the present

Walnut: adjustment to change and times of transition, also good to protect sensitive people from outside influences

Cerato: when we seek confirmation from others, not trusting our own judgment

Elm: for when we feel overwhelmed with responsbility - like there's too much on our shoulders

Holly: if you're feeling angry this is the one for you

You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.

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I've included a simple 8 petalled lotus flower in the centre of this month's image. The lotus flower is said to represent the eightfold path of Good Law. The bud of the flower symbolises potential- the lotus can rise from unclean water to blossom as a pure uncontaminated flower. During the night, the lotus flower sleeps and then emerges with the sun in the morning. Life is born and reborn. I hope we all allow ourselves that in the weeks ahead. Keep making time for fun:) Sarahxxx