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Aries Full Moon

20th October 2021

Happy Full Moon in Aries blessings. Use this energetic & courageous energy to help complete projects already started or make desired changes to your career. 


However remember to take breaks & keep a balance between work & play. ( We still have the sun in Libra encouraging us to find balance in all our relationships) 

If you’re feeling impatient with others & situations, pause & think before you speak or react - we all still need kindness above everything. However when I hear from my Mum this morning that some of the newspapers headlines are criticising a young celebrity for her appearance I am staggered to understand why this has been allowed, and why they feel this is front page news? Have we not learnt from all the tragic losses already that negative media can cause unrepairable damage and cause young people to end their lives? Why is this form of media printing allowed? Who gets a kick or makes a profit from selling this unwanted coverage? I hope the young celebrity can shake it off, focus on her job and ignore the people writing this article as clearly they must be jealous or feel threatened by her. Life is tough enough growing up without this unwanted pressure. 

With travel still being restricted for a lot of us is there yet another area nearby that you can explore. For those of us in Scotland I highly recommend visiting the North Fife Open Studios this weekend. See the link below. It will awaken your senses & also support local artists which is hughely important always. Aries loves qualities of original work and I'm sure you'll be inspired by the diverse artists who have chosen to share their work this weekend. 

Under the Aries Full Moon the balance between our own needs & those within a community is highlighted. Take a moment to evaluate if you’re supporting both. 

" The work of each year's Full Moon in Aries is to balance the needs of self with those of community. Who are you, apart from your family, your career, and your partner ? Among the cardinal compass points that orient us to the world, the point of self - the rogue element that is seen as a potential threat to the security of family, the order of society, and the fidelity of marriage - is one that is often misunderstood. Unless we're true to who we are and our needs, we can't be fully present with others. But like Ryan Bingham, we might lean a little too hard into a self-serving version of individualism, hiding in out work, failing to nurture relationships, and ending up isolated. " ( Ryan Bingham is the character played by George Clooney in the film 'Up in the Air'. You could read April's full article here. 

The positioning of Pluto & Eris is having a big impact on transformation. Pluto - society & Eris the call to speak our own truth. Exciting times! 

If your mind is restless at night during this lunar phase look at what you’ve been avoiding in your actions, decisions & choices. Are you being truthful to your desires & purpose? 

For those who are feeling super sensitive allow yourself to endulge in some self-care that nourishes your whole being. I did this yesterday with a trip to a wonderful Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist that I've known for a long time. Having had a niggle from my hip I booked in to see if she could help me and after some manipulations I also left with some adjustments to my jaw! I had not seen that one coming and that's what I love about those sessions is that there is always something unexpected that comes up. I drove South watching the moon arising on the horizon in it's full glory and felt so lucky and grateful to have given myself that self-care. We must make our own health one of our top priorities and then everyone round about benefits as a result. 

Take time before making decisions & use your journal to stay connected to your heart as we move forward through more changes.  

Thanks for reading, 

Blessings to all, 


Suggestions to help support you at this time:

Find another local area nearby to explore and awaken your senses with new sights/surroundings 

Allow yourself some time away from media and TV- let your body rest without having to process information 

Warm up your drinks and foods -  cold chills the liver

Drink ginger tea

Take time to rest in a salty bath and endulge yourselves with candles and uplifting music

Wrap up warm and spend time at the beach- refreshing and cleansing 

Go for a walk on your own in nature and listen/observe your surroundings

Aim to be asleep by 10pm to help boost your immunity

Questions to ask:

What is my purpose ? 

Am I getting involved in a community ? 

What do I need to let go of to move forward ? 

Bach Flower Essences suggestions:

White Chestnut - when the mind is too busy with unwanted thoughts

Scleranthus- when we feel out of balance, can't make clear decisions

Wild Oat- when we fee we're at a cross roads and we're not sure which path to take

Walnut - adjustment to change, chain-breaker, for senstive people influenced by others

Clematis- for when we need grounded

 Larch- self-confidence

broken image

I haven't had time to create a new image for this month's full moon. However looking at the one I made last year it still feels relevant. The  yellow Rowan berries are glorius on the tree in the garden and we're going to see what produce we can make from them. 

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