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New Moon in Libra

6th October 2021

Happy New Moon in Libra blessings to you all. May this time of change bring you the energy you need if required to rebalance your daily life and find more happiness in your days. 

In the northern hemisphere we're transitioning into Autumn. Bringing with it colder, sharp winds, a changing landscape of colours and the air qualities of the New Moon in Libra. 

All of which brings changes to how we should eat, dress, rest, remain active and nurture our delicate systems to remain in good health. During Autumn it's good to know the activities that ground you down and take you out of your busy mind to quieten and calm your system. I feel very lucky to have my yoga, meditation and love of nature/art to bring me this. For others it might be spending time cooking a nourishing meal, or out running/cycling, reading a book by the fire, knitting or spending time working in your garden. Know your tools and use them regularly to prevent a restless mind that can happen through this windy time of change. 

The air sign Libra is all about communation, learning, connection, teaching, ideas, relationships and inspiration. Represented by the scales it's also appropriately for this time of year all about balance. 

This is a great time if you haven't already to pause and acknowlege where you are now and what needs to be adjusted to have a more harmonius daily life in balance with your needs and nature. 

It's important to look into the daily life we're leading and not await our annual holidays to give us the space and time we need to rebalance. Day to day our minds and bodies are constantly striving for equilibrium if we want them to or not. When we sleep and rest they're working so hard to process, heal, and establish the homeostasis they desire. Optimum health is what the body and mind are always working towards 24/7. How we support them to doing that depends on our daily state - what we've eaten, drank, our output versus input and our emotional state.  With each of these choices that we make we either support our optimum health balance or work against it. 

It's a completely different feeling going out from a happy place where you want to spend your time versus a long slog of a job or studies which doesn't interest you. When the passion for what you're doing comes from within the energy flows and we can enjoy our time and be very productive. I know all too well from the past the times I have been creating stress inside my body in jobs and studies that didn't interest me and yet somehow I had to get through them. Thankfully now I've worked myself to a place where I love what I do and that feels right, it took a long time and a lot of graft and sacrifice but I'm glad I stuck to my gut feeling, ignored those who thought otherwise and kept going till I found what I'd like to focus my time and energy on. 

What we choose to put our attention on has a huge impact on everything down to a cellular level. For those who use facebook I've heard that is now mirrored in the adverts and our lovely website cookies which target us depending on what we follow and like as our browsing time. 

On a personal level if we choose to focus on feeling tired and unwell-  this is what we magnify in our life. If we decide to focus on feeling energetic and healthy- then we welcome more of the good stuff into our lives, and we all deserve that. 

I couldn't agree more with Simone here, " From the backstabbing co-worker to the meddling sister-in-law, you are in charge of how you react to the people and events in your life. You can either give negativity power over your life or you can choose happiness instead. Take control and choose to focus on what is important in your life." Simone Butler

If we can find ways to quieten our mind and feel at peace, we will hear the true message of our hearts. This will lead us forward on the right path, showing us which course of action to take and if communication, as Libra is fond of, needs to happen, then we'll know exactly what to say. 

For this I would recommend trying Alternate Nostril breathing if you haven't already. The breathing tool that balances the inner system, left and right sides of the brain and is very calming to our nervous system and our mind. All it takes is a few minutes of focus and intention for you to create a postive change. If you're not sure what this is and would like to learn more then email me. 

" In Libra, Mercury will ask us to incorporate new ideas about justice, balance and fairness between people, in private relationhsips and in society." Cathy Pagano 

Look out for all of this happening in the news and media or other commnication channels. Hopefully we are working towards a fairer society for all and not about preserving the wealth of the rich which can often seem the case. 

With balance we can also look at whether we're being our authentic selves. Are we being who we want to be, or are we doing, saying what others expect from us ? It's not always easy to do this but the more we do and follow the path we should then balance and harmony will come from within. To be truly happy and live our true life is what we all deserve. And as Michelle Obama says in her book 'Becoming', " You belong. You matter. I think highly of you." No one has the right to keep us leading a life that we don't want or prevent us from aiming high in studies, work, dreams or ambitions. Being assertive for ourselves is something that many of us find a challenge, but we have to learn a way to do it. That doesn't mean we need to become aggressive, find a peaceful way to speak your truth.  

Thanks for your patience, 



Suggestions to help support you at this time: 

Connect with the people in your life who lift you up and don't judge your decisions

Mirror nature and adapt your wardrobe to more Autumnal colours and softer textures

Keep eating well and enjoy warming bowls of soup at night for easy digestion and better quality sleep

Warm up your drinks and foods -  cold chills the liver 

Drink ginger tea

Take time to rest in a salty bath and endulge yourselves with candles and uplifting music

Go for a walk on your own in nature and listen/observe your surroundings

Aim to be asleep by 10pm to help boost your immunity

Questions to ask:

Where in my life am I out of balance? 

Am I being my authentic self? 

What grounds me? 

Bach Flower Essences suggestions:

White Chestnut - when the mind is too busy with unwanted thoughts 

Scleranthus- when we feel out of balance, can't make clear decisions

Wild Oat- when we fee we're at a cross roads and we're not sure which path to take

Walnut - adjustment to change, chain-breaker, for senstive people influenced by others

Honeysuckle - not fully in the present, thinking back to the past when life felt better

Cerato - when we seek advice from others and don't trust our own judgement

Larch- self-confidence 

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Autumnal colours for this month feels better :) 

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