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Virgo New Moon

7th September 2021

Happy New Moon in Virgo and wishing you all the potential this brings to get into a healthier and more balanced routine that works for your current needs. Astrologers say that this is the best new moon for setting intentions on health, our daily routine and work. Take time to get clear on what it is you're looking for in each of these areas and use this opportunity to make the required changes. 

As the light on the landscape is visibly changing, the nights are drawing in and Autumn is just around the corner. There is nothing we can do but to embrace the seasonal change and prepare ourselves, mind and body as best we can for everything this brings. Virgo helps us to do just that. 

Harvest is not far away and we're encouraged to think about what we've achieved this year. Focus on the good stuff and don't allow the Virgo shadow qualities of criticism to creep in Dana Gerhardt suggests. She believes that as much as we learn from the negative experiences, it's time to focus on the positives at this time. 

This sign known as the digester is associated with the intestines and is able to problem solve and make things achievable by breaking them down into small details. Pay close attention to your gut at this time if you're looking to improve your health - what is your digestive system telling you ? You can help your intestines with their role by massaging down the sides of your thighs from hip to knee, and also the inside of the legs too. This will help the lympahtic cleansing to take place. Be careful as you may feel it tender in certain points and if you do it would be beneficial to revisit these regularly till it passes. 

" Our bodies are nature, and nature is our bodies" Jenn Falk. Jenn believes that our bodies: "remember the inheritance from over  a million years as hunter-gatherers, we long for the appropriate new foods at each seasonal change. What you eay effects your gut, and your gut affects everything else, including your feelings. You can support both with a mindful movement practice like yoga, designed to strenghten the connections between earth, your body and your mind." 

If you're finding yourself feeling a bit stuck then try something new Cathy Pagano recommends. She suggests spending time in nature and when in a quiet place asking it what it is you need if you're unsure. See what comes up, be open, you might get a pleasant surprise. 

April Elliot Kent recommends tuning into those Virgo skills of organising to find the balance in your life if that's what you're desiring. You can always take control back of your time if you wish. She suggests doing the Virgo thing of spending time alone to allow this process of seeing where change is needed and the practical approach to make it happen. Grab a pen and paper and sit undisturbed and brainstorm down these key areas of your life. You'll clearly see what needs to be changed, where there is a need for adjustment enabling you moving forward as Cathy Pagano says to " give each part of our lives the attention they deserve." 

Another astrologer Simone Butler believes that this is the best time to break the unwanted habits that are pulling you down. Simone recommends the book ' Calling in the One' by Katherine Woodward to support this process. She suggests not putting a time limit on your changes and being kind to yourself if you slip back into old ways. Starting these habit changes now is beneficial and gives you 2.5months before Mercury, Virgo's ruler turns retrograde. 

" Never forget that you help the world by helping yourself" Simone Butler. A strong message to remember when we hear of many situations in the world that are clearly out of balance and there's not much we can do to help them from where we are. Knowing that if we focus on helping ourselves we help everyone is huge. 

Having read all the astrolgoers articles it's reassuring for me to know that I am following in my own Virgo path and the moon cycle. I'm currently on day 6 of a deep cleanse, clearing out any mucous or unwanted visitors from my intestines. This has involved sticking to a strict routine of drinks and supplements, and using betonite clay and selum husks to aid the process. During the last week life has had to carry on and sometimes that's been easy but today I'm now feeling super sensitive and that Virgo need to be alone to digest my thoughts and rest. 

Being at peace in my own garden and embracing that at present however is an extra challenge as we have developers working right next to us, who seem to see swearing as a requirement for each sentence when they've not got their machinery bleeping, digging or banging the ground. Therefore it's taking a lot of energy to remain calm and block all this out, we're not going to escape this situation for a long time yet. The positive behind all this chaos is that I'm getting to know my neighbours much better and we're supporting each other through the challenges it's bringing, which is what a community is all about. This has been one of the main reasons for my lack of posts recently as it's taken up so much time communicating with everyone and writing emails to the developers, and local council. We are all very much looking forward to the end of this process and I'm delighted that I've found the time today to again share what I hope has been a worthwhile read. 

I leave you with Cathy Pagano's words: 

" We all want and need relationships, but our culture hasn't taught us how to be in them. This is a great time to learn what it takes to create strong, loving relationships, without losing yourself in the process. Relationships are supposed to support us in being our authentic selves, rather than dimming our lights." 

" It's time to act with strength, determination, courage and discrimination while following in the footsteps of those who have gone before us. Pick someone who you honor and use their image to help you find your own power." 

Thanks for your patience,




Questions to ask: 

  • What needs to change to improve my life? 
  • What is no longer useful to me and what still is? 
  • What is my gut telling me? 
  • What have I achieved this year that I'm grateful for? 
  • Am I in charge of how I spend my time? 
  • Am I being my authentic self? 

Bach Flower Suggestions: 

  • Walnut - for adjustment to change and the chain breaker in patterns  
  • Cerato - if we're feeling weak willed and needing to say no to people
  • Gentian- when we feel despondent 


You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email

Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.




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Use the Virgo strengths to look into the details and take comfort from knowing that by taking care of the small things, the bigger things will all fall into place. 


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