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Summer Solstice

June 20th - 23rd

The mid-point of the year has arrived and I only wish I could put the pause button on and let time stand still for a few weeks to make the most of the longer days and everything I love about Summer. 

The Summer Solstice honours the power of the sun, and with the sun at it's highest point in the sky at noon it's a good time to feel gratitude to this amazing star and the life it brings us here on Earth. Make the most of this longest day as the sun enters Cancer, bringing in a focus on a more nurturing and family oriented time. 

The Litha festival as this Solstice is also known, is a celebration of the life given by the sun and our ability to make things grow, and wants us to make the most of this peak moment in the seasons. Our ancestors would have built hilltop fires or lit big wheels of straw and allowed them to roll downhill to a river or stream. Litha encourages a respect for our sun and it's mighty power. 

The sun now begins it's journey in the Northern Hemisphere of lowering gradually until the Winter Solstice in December. As we now celebrate the start of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere it's the start of Winter. 

If you haven't already now is a good time to reflect on the first half of the year. Give yourself some time to consider what you've achieved and what you've grown already, personally and collectively. Notice in what ways you've grown as a person and notice the seeds you've planted which need more nurturing. 

If there's key things that haven't quite got into action yet remember there's still time to get it done. Be kind to yourself and patient, if we are passionate enough to make a change or start a project it will happen. 

Make sure you're setting goals for the remaining 6months of the year that light your inner fire, what is it that gets your full motivation ? These are the plans that will find their way when we're fully committed and focused. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Summer and hope you can all enjoy the warmth of the sun from where you are.