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Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse

10th June 2021

Gemini New Moon blessings at this Solar Eclipse. This may have been a  powerful energy that's been shaking up our lives for the last few weeks, or maybe it's passing without us noticing. Apparently it all depends on your astrological chart and the house it falls in. 

Also known as a 'ring of fire' or 'annular eclipse' the moon is furthest away from Earth looking smaller than the previous lunation cycles and for some people, depending on their location, will have been visible with the coloured edge created by the planets alignment. Some of the images captured around the world can be seen here, sadly we were too cloudy here in my area to see it but the change of light and atmoshere was evident and I feel still is.

The Gemini qualities of communication and being sociable may come forward seeing ourselves getting busier meeting up with friends and adding more variety into our days. I think we would all benefit from some of that! This air sign is very good at solving codes and messages, understanding our world and making themselves understood. They are great talkers, love exchanging ideas and like a change of scenery. Talented at multi-tasking the Gemini is often more focused when doing 2/3 things at once. 

As the Gemini breeze carries the seeds and pollens on their journeys to a new beginning be sure to take time and get clear on what it is you wish to start growing in this lunar cycle. The cooling winds have returned to our local area the last few days and it's nice to hear the leaves rustling and watch the bamboo swaying. The winds and the eclipse may be unsettling and bring about change where required. Keep grounding and root yourself down in all the ways you know how. 

eg Yoga, meditation, time in nature, practical activities with your hands and cooking. 

Adding to the need for practical activities, Gemini being associated with the hands, spending time with creative activities is recommended to help us process our thoughts. Such as knitting, sewing, crocheting, if you play a stringed musical instrument this is a great time to enjoy your musical side. Or dig out the craft box and have fun getting arty. It's amazing how much pleasure we can gain from a mindful activity such as gluing, cutting and sticking collage or mixed media to create a picture or image. It doesn't matter what the end product looks like, enjoy the process. My son used to sit for ages when he was about 2/3 years old cutting up pieces of paper. He was totally focused on what he was doing and sadly I didn't video that to show him now. Thankfully he's discovered the power of reading to escape to when he needs it. If you're not wanting to get crafty then what about a game of scrabble ? Geminis love language are skilled with words and all it's sources.  

We watched the movie 'The Croods' this week and I can now relate to this movie in a new light than previously since our time in lockdown. I used to think it was hilarious the whole family cooped up in their cave, their Dad insisting that this is keeping them safe. The family react in panic when the rebellious daughter Eep brings a shell home given to her by a boy she met when she sneeked out of the cave at night. Determined to destroy anything new and keep living in in their world of fear, Eep cries ' What's wrong with you people? ' after they smash up her shell as soon as she blows into it. Preventing her from now contacting the boy. As the Dad keeps telling them ' Never not be afraid' and ' fear is what keeps us alive.' The bold Eep later says ' That's not living, that's just not dying.' Clever story writing by John Cleese, Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, a recommended watch that will make you laugh. 

I really hope that as we all journey our of our 2020/21 caves more that we can approach new ways of doing things, a fairer society and tap into our curiosity to help us find our way without fear and take a big leap of hope and faith that things are changing for the better.  

" Falling in the the signs of the Sagittarius (fire) and Gemini (air), these eclipses, together with Mercury retrograde, invite us to reclaim our mind from the occupying forces that tell us what to believe, who to trust and who or what to fear. The modern age which defies a single perspective and drowns out, bans and cancels anyone with a differing view is not conducive to listening to our inner voice that knows far better what's best for us? It's hard to trust your intuition when everything around you is telling you it's wrong and that some 'expert' knows your best interests better than you." I highly recommend reading the full article by Sarah Varcas to gain an understanding of her beliefs and the planets influence.

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Questions to ask: 

Am I ready to grow? 

Am I ready to break free from old thought patterns and habits? 

What is my intuition telling me?  

Who can I trust ? 

Am I speaking my truth ? 

Bach Flower Essences suggestions: 

Walnut - adjustment to change, chain-breaker, for senstive people influenced by others

Honeysuckle - not fully in the present, thinking back to the past when life felt better

Oak - exhausted but still struggles on and needs to rest

Cerato - when we seek advice from others and don't trust our own judgement 

You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email 

Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.

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A new outline to honour the 'ring of fire' effect this eclipse creates and the root chakra red to remind us to stay grounded through this time. 

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