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Sagittarius Super Moon Eclipse

26th May 2021

Full Moon blessings to you all with this special eclipse tonight. Known by many as the flower moon also ( named after the abundance of flowers in May) this supermoon will appear to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter as it's so close to Earth. It will pass into the Earth's shadow and due to the light filter through the Earth's atmosphere at this time it will be a reddish colour, hence the name bloodmoon. 

This moon is also known as the Wesak moon by some as it celebrates Buddha's birthday where the focus is on enlightenment. Dana Gerhardt explains “ More broadly, we celebrate the very idea of enlightenment- how regularly it is born, lives, and dies in us.” 

“ During Wesak, we celebrate the gestures, thoughts, and attitudes of Enlightened Mind.” 

We may have already been feeling the effect of this lunar eclipse the last few days and this will continue afterwards also. Does anything suddenly present itself to you or are more things coming up from the past? 

Be aware of how this energy is affecting you - are you more energetic, tired, irritable, let yourself be guided. This will affect us all in different ways, so take time to notice it and adjust things if you need to provide more rest or find ways to help you relax.  

Some of the astrologers feel that eclipses are all about crisis and change. We don’t want anymore of that I know, but sometimes a crisis can be leading us into a significant change in our lives that will be better for us in the long term. I remember feeling that about when my health was so poor that my whole world had to change to overcome it, however now feeling much better and in control of my life I’m grateful to all the lessons I’ve learnt along the way since my crisis moment all those years ago. It made me dig deep to get out of it and made me appreciate how lucky I am now to walk pain free. Something I never take for granted. 

If you are feeling like you’re at a turning point in your life and you don’t know quite which path to take then I highly recommend meditating on it and trusting your inner voice. Each of us knows what’s best for us and in time the path will open and opportunities will come if you’re clear on what it is you want. 

If staying healthy and well is your current goal, focus on that. Affirm “ I am healthy, I am happy,” and all the other qualities you wish to have in your daily life. 

Simone Butler encourages us to take time these next few weeks to consider our past. When things didn’t quite go to plan, what did you learn ? Are you still carrying prejudices and judgments on others? “ Unshackle yourself from old ways of perceiving yourself and the world. Keep your eye on the prize.” Simone encourages us to celebrate our mistakes and praise yourself for keeping going. 

The Sagittarius full moon eclipse will bring things up from deep within. The qualities that are important to Sagittarius include freedom, truth, justice, philosophy and belief symptoms. Cathy Pagano says ” What do we need to release to cleanse our beliefs, live in truth and freedom, and create laws that give equality to all people? Lunar eclipses bring things to a culmination point. It’s like a reboot for the computer. It’s time to let it all go.” 

This eclipse is said to highlight to us what we need to let go of in order to move forward both personally and globally. 

More truths are coming out and slowly people are wakening up to realise that we have to be very careful about who and what we choose to believe. 

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at this time is ‘ A cricket match.’ What does this image bring up for you? Some talk of duality, teams and developing skills within a group. Are we all working towards the same goal ? Are we playing on the team we wish to? 

Cathy Pagano asks us to consider in a world of often fake-news or mis-interupted information

 " Have we developed our spirtual consciousness enough to know our own truth? " and continues to encourage us to be open to new ideas, new learning, new friendships and understandings which will allow old beliefs to be washed away. The Sun's position in Gemini will support all this and as focused on communication it's important to be careful of our choice of words at this time. Not only to each other but our internal dialogue also. What do you want to create with your communication, what's your intention? Do you wish to spread peace and harmony or stress and chaos? If you haven't already heard of the fascinating work by Masaru Emoto then take a look at the crystals he's found are created with different words. The crystals formed with positive words are beauitful and balanced and the ones created from negative words are distorted and ugly. This will highlight how we speak to ourselves and the how the impact of our words on others is hugely significant and important. 

Later this week on May 29th Mercury goes retrograde moving into Gemini until June 22nd. April Elliot Kent recommends that during this period of retrograde we don't allow ourselves to become too busy. There's a tendency to try and do too much and not allow ourselves enough rest time. She suggests when we are making plans or meeting deadlines etc that we allow for extra time as things might not go as smoothly as we'd like, especially where technology is concerned. 

April believes the retrograde time is not good to make purchases like cars/computers or be signing contracts unless you really have to. If you do, then be extra careful to check over everything before you do. 

For those of us in a relationship April says we may have to look beyond the habits and imperfections of our partners and be reminded of loving unconditionally. Insights may arise about our partner or about ourselves and our role in a relationship, perhaps expectations were too high or too low. 

Mercury is apparently mischevious and likes to push us to our limit. This is also a time not recommended to make any promises - the information you require has not been fully revealed yet. 

The Mars and Neptune influence will help us to see that we won't always be able to agree on certain things, and that's ok, a comprimise can be made to suit everyone. 

Sun and Moon both square Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter likes us to push boundaries and expand our horizons. If we are feeling high emotions and a bit overwhelemed April recommends we use a physical activity to focus our energies and help us get through it. 

At this lunar eclipse it's important to remember that we are not experiencing this alone, that we're sharing our experiences with our close family and friends. 

Thanks for reading, 

Love and gratitude, 


Questions to ask: 

What no longer serves me and my beliefs? 

Am I choosing my own path? 

Am I making time for rest and relaxation? 

Is my communication from my pure intention? 

Bach Flower Suggestions: 

Wild Oat - when we can't decide which path to take

Honeysuckle - not fully in the present, thinking back to life being better in the past

Cerato - when seeking the advice of others and not trusting our own guidance

Walnut -  the chain breaker, for when we feel over sensitive to outside influences 

Chestnut Bud - if we keep making the same mistakes and not learning from them

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A new outline for this special Supermoon. Hope it's good to you all. 

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