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Scorpio Super Pink Moon

27th April 2021

Full Moon Blessings to you all with this Scorpio Pink Super Moon. A powerful moon with lots of promise for change if that's what you wish. This fixed water sign is going to bring up underlying emotions, a time to clearnse and let go, and the need to trust our instincts. 

The full moon the last few days has been 30% brighter.  Simone Butler’s Scorpio post encourages us to “Listen for messages from the Scorpio Goddess of transformation about your role in helping our Earth Mama ( and our human tribe) shake off the burdens of the past and renew life. With so many planets in Taurus now, messages may come from nature, whether the splendid Full Moon herself, a special tree or rock, or a totem animal. Nature divination can be as simple as choosing a rock that calls to you, asking a question and looking for images on its surface, or doing the same with a favourite tree and finding answers in its gnarled bark.”

I’ve been making sure I do get plenty of time in nature the last few weeks and have thoroughly benefitted from it. With our recent dry spell I’ve taken full advantage to clear my garden of as many weeds as possible and it has felt like a good clearing and cleansing activity. 

 However more importantly I’ve felt that the underlying message from nature itself at this time is that it wants to be left alone. If we give the local surroundings the space and respect it deserves then I feel it will do just fine.

 It’s the human impact and lack of consideration for the future that’s created a lot of the problems we’re having to deal with now. So rarely do we see trees that grow to their full potential and that’s really sad. A mature tree is in my eyes a beautiful sight and as discussed in a previous post the Mother Beech of the forest gives back to the younger ones around her until it’s their time to grow. I love that in Japan they build around trees, unlike developers here that I’ve witnessed who don’t think twice about removing 200 year old Oak Avenues and mature trees to make way for every possible inch of land to be built on for their maximum profit business.

 I encourage you to find some time to retreat into a quiet spot in nature, away from roads and traffic noise and pause. Observe the amazing sounds that are present in a natural woodland, buzzing with life, and the light changes that occur through the tree tops are well worth seeing. There will be cool spots and warm spots around the woodland depending on the time of day. 

 One local spot I’ve been retreating to provides such an oasis of calm and nourishment. I found the lyrics of the Beatles song ‘ Let it Be’ coming to mind as I sat in silence and tuned into my surroundings.

  If we give Mother Earth the right conditions she will thankfully continue to grow, the rivers will flow, the bees will keep buzzing and pollenating and the wild animals will continue to thrive. We’ve had a pheasant lay an egg in our garden in the last few days and I feel honoured that she felt it a safe enough spot to do that. Sadly she hasn’t been back and so we’re doing what we can to keep it warm and see if it’ll hatch. Watch this space.

  The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon was “ the moon shining across a lake.” So if we can’t find a natural spot near you right now then focus on this peaceful image especially if we feel ourselves being stirred up too much by it’s energy. 

 The Scorpio moon is generally an emotional time and we can expect to feel our deeper emotions wanting to surface. Take time if you can to let that happen and enjoy the release afterwards. If may be tiring and unpleasant but it’ll be worth it. Tears are hugely cleansing. 

 The planet positioning is said to create tension, perhaps conflict and April says we can use this energy to help us get things done. 

 This moon cycle is going to see more secrets being revealed, it may make us feel on the defensive side or like we’re being put under threat. 

 The possible mundane aspect of life has been accelerated in the last year through lockdowns. However, the positioning of the Sun and Uranus is going to help us break free from what has become uninspiring and dull. There’s an excuse for a clear out. What around the house no longer serves you ? What wardrobe items need to be passed on or recycled. Upcycling is always a fun and creative way to give furniture or clothing a new lease of life. Making something new from something old. 

 As the sun comes to square Saturn it can have the impact on us that we don’t matter. To overcome this we can channel our energy into a creative project like mentioned above, or make sure to set some time aside for fun with friends/pets. 

 From April 27th, Pluto becomes stationary making it a prominent force. Expect to see power struggles, environmental issues coming up and people’s truths being exposed. 

 If you’ve been wanting to make financial changes then this is said to be a good time to support that. Do your research though and don’t just jump into anything without thinking it through. If there’s any area of your life or a relationship that you feel has become undesirable and toxic then the Scorpio energy will help you to release it and let go over the weeks. Give it time and don’t expect overnight results.

  If it feels right for you then use the Scorpio energy to make big changes in your life that you want.  Ready to change job? Move to a different area or change your image then this might be the push you’ve been waiting for.


Questions to ask: 

  • Are there areas of my life that would welcome change?
  • What do I no longer need ? 

Bach Flower Essence suggestions:

Honeysuckle - for when we're thinking back to the past and feeling life was better then

Walnut - Adjustment to change and times of transition, also good to protect sensitive people from outside influences, known as the chain breaker

Agrimony - if we've been concealing our true feelings and pretending everythign is ok 

You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.

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The Pheasant egg which was laid in our garden. Fingers crossed we found it in time to allow it to hatch. 

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