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Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

5th July 2020

Our Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the final of three recent eclipses. With it we are beginning to change our own emotional response patterns.

This lunar eclipse gives everything a big push for cleaning out toxic situations, relationships, beliefs and attitudes. It is time to really let go of what you know no longer serves you. If the same things keep coming up, deal with them and allow yourself to move forward burden free. Take back your Independence.

You may be feeling sensitive. Be aware of needing others recognition and feeling less worthy if everyone seems to be getting on just fine without you. This is not the time to create a scene for attention or get your own way.

It's a time to be very careful and conscious with all our relationships. Be mindful of your commitments and partnerships to ensure they are supporting you on your path of growth and expansion.

Eclipses can rock the boat in any relationship. Don't be surprised if you find out not everything is as you wanted it to be.

If we're feeling like the emotions are too much then sometimes it's best to let them pass through you than to react every time.

Now is an important time to nurture ourselves as much as we do others. It's not someone else's responsibility to mange our emotions, we must take that role ourselves.

Take time today to reflect on what areas of our life we are expecting other's to take more care of us than we do ourselves.

What action needs to be taken to change this?

Be careful if you're feeling reckless, is that really what your inner voice wants you to do?

The current planet alignment will give strength to those who need it as we face up to the new world being born at this time.

If you have doubts and questions to how this is happening then look for the answers and only accept the truth.

Their positioning is providing great opportunities for growth, change and new vision to be seen, materially, financially, career wise and more.

Some of us may feel a change of focus or the need to devote our time and energy to a cause or ideal.

We can't go back to what we were, so we must embrace the changes with courage, faith and hope.

Capricorn moons bring focus and concentration. Bringing us that energy to do the organising we might have been putting off or essential paper work that needs to be done. Keep a gentle pace as you work through these tasks and do the job properly - saving having to do it again.

Now is also a good time to make financial savings plans. For some of us this may not be possible with recent job loss. So instead use it to get clear on your current financial obligations and decide what's essential and not. This will help you with the next step forward as you're clear on what is required. Once we're decided on what it is we need then it will show up.

Capricorn is good at taking control and with it brings opportunities for new work or projects related to health.


If you're currently wanting to lose weight or increase your fitness this is a good time to commit to that and start - your willpower is heightened and you'll get good results.


We must look after our skeletal structure and our all important bones with diet and exercise. As visiting a chiropractor isn't possible quite yet keep using yoga and body strengthening activities to maintain your fitness. Being associated with the knees, capricorn will help our flexibility in adjustment to change.

To help have clear inner thoughts before decision making have a good workout, dance or allow yourself to release through sound, maybe a good cry is in order or an active walk our in the fresh air. Your inner guidance will be much clearer as a s result.

The next 6 months are a crucial time to choose team work on a global scale. Making the right choices for everyone is something we're all aware of more than ever. Leadership needs to come from a more feminine energy, what we all have inside is (male and female) seeing the best outcome for all, a more inclusive approach.

The present time is filled with many of us having our eyes opened to how disconnected from each other we'd become. The new world we're transitioning into has the potential to change that if we can continue to work together.

Stay safe and vigilant with hand washing and mask wearing.



Questions to ask yourself :

What is it that triggers your emotions ?

What are your emotions guiding you to do ?

Have we given our power to those who are making unwise decisions ?

What is sacred to you ?

What are your heart's desires ?

Is how you spend your time aligned with your soul work ?

Are you doing things through obligation and someone else's expectations ?

What do you cherish on a personal, community and global level ?

Bach Flower Essence suggestions:

Honeysuckle: If you're looking back to the past and thinking life was better before lockdown Honeysuckle will help you move forward, cutting the links from dreaming of how life used to be.

Walnut: Adjustment to change and times of transition, also good to protect sensitive people from outside influences.

Water Violet: For loneliness, for those who are hiding their true feelings of being lonely and not asking others for support.

Heather: Also for loneliness, but for those who you can't get away from once you start talking to them, when we find ourselves preoccupied with ourselves and our concerns over others.

Gorse: If you've given up hope then take this flower nicknamed ' Sunshine in A Bottle" it will help lift your spirits. For the times when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Gentian: For despondency and despair, when we feel like giving up, when our mood is down.

You can order the above Flower Essences from healing They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Flower Consultation then please email Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.

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My artwork for this Full Moon is definetly a more younger version of myself. Perhaps I'm needing reminded of that mental outlook of 'anything is possible' or ' the world is your oyster' approach and not the older inner voice who sometimes thinks " what a mess we've made,' and 'how much work is involved to fix it.'

Let's dig deep and be the enthusiastic parts of the whole required to make that brighter future for the next generation.