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Summer Solstice New Moon In Cancer

Total Solar Eclipse

What a day !!! The Summer Solstice, New Moon in Cancer and a Total Solar Eclipse !

Depending on where you are in the world you may have noticed the change in light, the quieter birds and the feeling that something's changing. The Eclipse has an impact on us regardless of whether we can see it or not.

This Solar Eclipse today produces a ring of light/ring of fire as the moon does not cover the whole Sun. We are midpoint of the triple Eclipse portal. The symbolic meaning of this eclipse is the unconscious eclipsing the conscious self. The shadow created on earth can represent all the shadows coming to light. We're certainly seeing many deep buried emotions emerging and being expressed globally.

Very importantly now we have to stand rooted and strong, centred and be ready to absorb circumstances before reacting.

Today or over the next few days is the perfect time to connect with the sun, have gratitude and thanks for the life that it brings.

At this time we want to secure our foundations, root ourselves and get in touch with our intuition - the deeper way of knowing.

This Solstice Eclipse is encouraging us to think and feel more consciously on a deeper level and use this to create a better world of equality for all.

If you have seed ideas - water them with all your heart and commit to help them grow strongly. Reflect and help your creative ideas to manifest. Take time for you.

Positive change will come through collaboration of like minded souls - not who can shout the loudest.

If your mind is too busy, or you're less focused/tired then take time each day to sit quietly and see the bigger picture. Find a peaceful space in nature to look at what your true path is - be clear on the life you want. Now is a good time to know your boundaries.

We are emerging into a new community - it's not going to be a straight forward process but it will be much stronger and wiser. Let's not be afraid to creatively find solutions to the things that need to change. New ways will be born through the vulnerable process of opening up and sharing.

It is not for others to tell us how we should feel. With this Eclipse we are safe in knowing that our true essence is always there and we can at any time renew ourselves to whatever we wish.

Look out for more changes as Mercury is now retrograde in Cancer from June 17 - July 12.

With this cancer New Moon - the mother sign - we are encouraged to treat ourselves like we would a newborn or young child. Be your own mother. We have to be sensitive, gentle, forgiving, self-accepting, protecting and show ourselves compassion at this time.

Cancer is associated with the upper body - chest and abdomen , all around our 3rd chakra at the Solar Plexus. Ruled by the moon, it is the feminine energy we each have within us ( male & female). It might be useful to wear a strong yellow at this time to help balance the energy in the body centre.

Use the cancer energy to nurture ourselves first, only then we are able to support and give to others without depleting ourselves. Simply fill yourself up before you give out, commit to that and everyone benefits.

Stay connected to the Earth and your body at this time. Stay with your yoga and meditation practise, we all know it works :)

Trust your feelings, trust your gut. By not listening our senses start to weaken and we become less connected to everything around us.

If your intuition is unsettling you because of the impact on your current life, we must keep listening. Continue to look and listen with open eyes and non-judging and only accept the truth.

Go gently, be sensitive to ourselves and others and remain grounded to who you are with compassion for all of life.

Questions to ask?

What is good for me now ?

What helps me to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle ?

What is needing my attention ?

Am I being realistic with commitments and work expectations?

How can I best look after myself at this time ?

Solstice Blessings to you all,


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