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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

5th June 2020

Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - ♐️🌝🌏

If you've been having an emotional week then the Sagittarius Full Moon probably has a lot to do with it. Over the next few days be aware of heightened emotions and impulsive attitudes. What's coming up for us now is rooted in the past.

At a Lunar Eclipse the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon blocking the reflection of the Sun's light changing our ability to transmit and receive light.

At this Eclipse your are guided by intuition, but not the emotional voice of the Moon, but the more subtle instincts of the Earth.

These are the instincts that guide a craftsman to choose the right wood and the right tool to carve it with. An inner knowing - a gut feeling that guides you on.

Are you listening to your inner guidance at this time ? A journal is a great way to let your inner voice be heard.

If you're longing for a deeper connection with the Earth look to how she offers you unconditional support. Find ways to connect with nature and be open to new insights and ideas coming through.

There's a more powerful eclipse coming up on June 21st so now's a very good time to get grounded and stay centred as best you can. We can expect more big challenges at this time.

The positioning of the Sun right now is near retrograde Venus in Gemini, this calls us to pay attention to the details, to what's been left undone.

A time to look closely at our values and relationships before making any decisions and being clear on what is important to you.

We must be sensitive to others at this time - respect their values and needs and show them support.

The Gemini & Sagittarius Eclipse occurs again at the end of 2020 and into 2021. This will give us more opportunities to look at our thinking and communication and whether it's preventing us from seeing someone else's reality.

Be open to new ways of thinking as old systems become redundant - new ways will open to help us move forward together and prevent people from feeling isolated and alone.

We're at the Sun/Venus Conjunction- sometimes described as a weakened state for Venus. Venus has disappeared behind the light of the Sun ( May 28 - June 9). Venus is transforming......

What's been covered up and hidden for a long time is being revealed. We can see this in the news and what's happening globally.

We must use the feminine energy to turn this situation into a positive one. By truly listening as said before - being open to new ways of thinking and not trying to convince others that our way is right we can make the right decisions for everyone's future. The peaceful demonstrations occurring at this time are an example of the powerful feminine energy.

Courage is going to be required by us all to make the changes required, to open new doors and make the right choices without dominating and using force.

A lot of us resist change because it unsettles us, if we stay grounded it will be a much easier process. Know your truth and connect to the Universal truth that we're all connected and in this together. Keep using yoga and meditation to stay grounded.

Walnut is a Bach flower essence to support adjustment to change and can be purchased from

There is no simple answer on how to move forward, but with creative new thinking and collaboration it can be done. Let's remain positive and focused on a brighter future for us all.

Moon Blessings to you all,