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Pisces New Moon

13th February 2021

New Moon in Pisces blessings to you all. It's an emotional energy that brings with it time for reflection and a chance to pause before we move towards the Spring Equinox in 2 weeks time.

If we're feeling overwhelmed with emotions with this new moon, then allow yourself some time for rest and reflection. Today's new moon is the last of the 2020 astrological year. Treat yourself to a salty bath to help cleanse and rejuvenate. Light a candle, add some lavender oil to the bath and soak in the hot water for at least 20mins. A great nurturer before bed to help enduce a deep sleep.

Some of us may be feeling a bit blue or find grief coming up and it's important to give yourself time to honour that. Pushing down emotions instead of going through them only leads to blockages in the body. If you feel like having a cry - then allow yourself to cry. Find a safe space and let it all out. Tears are such a powerful healer and help to cleanse the liver. You'll probably feel quite tired after a good release but will feel much better the next day.

The astrologers are encouraging us to notice our dreams in this moon cycle as they may have important messages for our subconscious. If you wake up remembering them, write them down before you forget and take time to contemplate them when you can.

Psychic powers are said to be stronger at the Pisces moon. Trust your intuition and gut feelings about people and situations. For instance if you feel drawn to walk a different route or visit a new area follow it, it may just lead to a new opportunity or meeting.

If there's something or someone we need to forgive then Pisces New Moon presents an opportunity to allow this important healing to take place. Living with an open heart is what we deserve and allows for great things to come into our lives.

When other people are struggling to see the positive we can have empathy and accept them as they are. Everyone has the right to their opinion and will see things from their own perspective.

Pisces is a romantic sign, accentuated in this cycle by the presence of Venus. The desire to feel loved and give love is heightened at this time. Practise self-compassion and know that we are all deserving of the gift of love.

For those of us who are feeling like it's time to make some big lifestyle changes do you research before you take the plunge. Make sure you've explored your options before you make those big decisions.

If you're feeling that this is a good time to reflect back on the year past these questions by Dana Gerhardt will be useful to digest and respond to:

" Where were you in your life, for instance, a year ago? "

"What was the condition of your intimate relationships ?"

" At what stage were your creative projects? What were your hopes and ideas? How have you stayed the same, and where have you changed course? The world has altered dramatically in the past year, and so, in large and small ways, have all our lives. "

Dana goes on to explain that what we've learnt through this year of transition can now be used to your advantage in this next chapter of your live. Nothing has been lost and there is so much ahead to look forward to.

The body part associated with Pisces is our feet. Take this opportunity presented to rest and nurture this vital part of our body. If you don't have a bath then when not try a salty foot basin instead? Give yourself a pedicure and massage into your feet and toes. Allow yourself to truly rest at this new moon and give the mind and body less external stimulus and information to process, it's ok to turn off your phone. Your whole system will thank you for it.

The shadow side of Pisces is the ability of avoidance and escaping the reality, becoming a victim, using substances or people to dum down and ignore feelings being surfaced. This is something we want to avoid and should take pro-active steps with instead.

If we've been wanting our life to move forward then it's going to be good time to take those steps and make it happen. You will be supported over the next 45days with all planets being direct in this new moon chart. Make the most of this and be brave if change is what you're looking for.

​We've all had to deal with the last year in our way to get through and have learnt a lot along the way. Stay with these new teachings and be ready for more as we all continue along our path of discovery and evolution.

Questions to ask:

How have I grown this last year ?

Am I trusting life to support and protect me?

Who or what do I need to forgive?

Am I trusting my inner knowing and allowing it to guide me?

Bach Flower Essence Suggestions:

Elm - if you're feeling overwhelmed, too much on our shoulders

Aspen - for anxiety and fears of the unknown

Willow- for resentment

Holly- for anger

Wild Oat - for when we feel we're at a cross road and don't know what pat to take

Honeysuckle - for when we're thinking back to the past and feeling life was better then

Clematis - for when we're not in the present moment, daydreaming to escape our surroundings
Walnut - Adjustment to change and times of transition, also good to protect sensitive people from outside influences, known as the chain breaker

My own reflection on 2020

Full of gratitude and many blessings

For me personally so much time at home has given me a much need pause, rest and evaluation of what I'm doing with my time, not to mention time with my son that I will always cherish. Looking at how I want to work and what to focus on has given me the confirmation that I am doing exactly what I want to with my work and energy. That's one big relief having spent the last 10years focused on our self-employment commitments.

For the last 20 years almost now, I've constantly been working on myself, my health and happiness. It's been a continual effort to keep working on what was coming up but I've managed to stick with it. My kinesiology work continues to amaze me, how much more is there still to heal and cleanse from my body ? It seems there is still work to be done, a new insight to gain and something else to work on. But I'm coming from a different world in terms of where I started all those years ago and it's good to know that with every effort my health improves and feels much better than I did as a late teenager. Since my wake up call in my 20's I have not relaxed the focus on improving my own well-being, my virgo roots won't let that one slip, and I feel it's all paid off this last year.

Having yoga/meditation and my Bach Flower remedies as already part of my own wellness routine has meant it's given me a chance to embrace these even more and learn on a deeper level.

The 40day morning meditations which started in May 2020 highlighted to me how powerful a tool meditation is and led me to take an online course in September to learn more on how to introduce this to children. I really feel it's important to pass on these tools or make the younger generation aware of them so they can support themselves in the future as best they can.

Finding a routine at home which suited my son has meant re-visiting my research on learning styles and allowed me to use some of my teaching degree skills. When we know the optimum conditions for our own learning it's much easier to then create that space and situation. The 2nd lockdown was much more relaxed for our home learning with these ideas in mind and I've loved having time to see what stage my son is at and how I can support him at this time. We've always had a strong bond and understanding and I feel this has been strengthened this last year. My son can find what my emotion is all the time and understands me all too well. He has been our golden light through the wobbly moments and has kept us all going.

Looking ahead I've been feeling drawn to working more with children again and I'm very much looking forward to restrictions being lifted and the children's classes and workshops restarting. Settling into our routine first though will take priority and I feel no need to rush back into everything all at once. A gradual integration is what I plan to keep as a focus moving forward.

Lockdown has also made me realise how much I miss the baby yoga classes. Online has enabled me to keep offering this class but the presence of the babies, hearing and seeing them I've missed a lot. Not to mention the joy that comes from seeing the babies mingling with each other, not quite the same on a screen and giving the mums a much needed rest.

It's also made me realise how lucky I am with the wonderful people that attend my classes. I love that at public classes people feel free to chat and mingle. Having visited classes in a city myself, and entering a sterile environment where people don't even look at each other, let alone talk, I find this so heart warming. As human beings we need to communicate and support each other and I look forward to being able to see that happening again in full freedom in the future and spend time in their company again.

I'm forever grateful to the friends who've met up with us regularly through all weathers. Having some contact with other children, playing outside when we could meet up has been a significant contribution to my son's mental happiness. If we can play through blizzards then Spring and Summer is going to be a breeze. We are looking forward to more days exploring nature and building dens.

The energy and effort we've given to our online classes this last year wouldn't have been possible without the support of my parents. Their help with online schooling and making sure we had nourishing meals to eat has been a life-line, huge gratitude to you both.

Our biggest stress in 2020 was not suddenly being asked to isolate or figure out how we would continue our business but seeing my father-in-law gradually lose his strength to Parkinson's. It was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least and Suthesh has coped amazingly well with not being able to get home to India at a time when he really should have been there not only for himself, but to see his father and support his mother and family. I really do hope that come his anniversary later this year it will be possible for him to safely travel and visit his home and family.

Learning how to use technology for online classes has given me an appreciation for this communication tool that I don't think I would ever have used if lockdown hadn't happened. Going online was never part of our plan, and yet we have found rhythm to our working week working in this new way. It's allowed us to reconnect with people further away and to keep providing classes for those who wished to join us. To everyone who has joined us through this last year we are extremely grateful for making it work, for turning up and coming back again and again. Being able to work through this last year and keep money coming in has given us one less worry to deal with. I can't express in words how much that means.

All in all 2020 has been a really good thing for me and I truly appreciate that this certainly has not been the case for a huge part of the population. In the beginning I became fearful of contracting the virus and could instantly see the negative effects this was having on me. Knowing how suffocating it feels when you can't breathe is something I'm aware of being asthmatic and I didn't like the threat of that coming my way again. As a Mum this was not going to be good for my son to continue living with that anxiety and I have managed to turn it around with my self-help tools. Now I focus on feeling well, remaining strong and doing everything I can do to be healthy as I have done the last 20years. This gives me confidence in knowing that if I do become exposed to it I'm in the best possible place to deal with it. I am a true believer in the capabilities of our human body and what it can do. As a homeopath doctor said to me in India " Your body knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it." I couldn't agree more. Trusting that is the big leap of faith I'm willing to take.

One of the movies I've revisited this year to lift my spirits was 'Strictly Ballroom.' The main character Scott Hastings decides to enter the Australian Championship with an amateur called Fran. Practising secretly they prepare a flamingo dance with authentic influence from Fran's Spanish family. At one point it looks like Scott has given into the pressure on him and will go back to entering with his previous dance partner, stick to the dance Federation steps and probably win the championship he's been training for his whole life leaving Fran devastated. In rage she calls him a " gutless wonder" and then shouts " Vivir con miedo, es como vivir a medias!"

Which translates to A life lived in fear... is a life half lived


I had no idea when I put that movie on to pick myself up it would have a double impact on me. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that time.

So now we continue to be careful but we shall not live in fear. I've had moments of that in the past years before and it consumes you and stops you from acting naturally. I want my son to step forward into the world with a confidence in his step and know that he has the strength to deal with what comes his way.

I hope you too can find the positives in this year past and move forward with a new insight that will enhance your days and how you spend your time.

Thanks for your patience and reading,


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It's the same image as before this month as I'm wanting to maximise time with my son before school restarts on Monday. Blessings for this new moon cycle, make them good intentions and continue to dream big !!!

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