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Libra Full Moon

28th March 2021

Happy Full Moon in Libra blessings to you all. The air sign brings in a healing focus on connection, love, partnerships, money, relationships, communication , the divine feminine and the heart.

Some astrologers are calling this the relationship full moon. It's a Super Moon because of it's positioning close to the Earth therefore it will look larger at this cycle. I hope you can get some clear skies to enjoy it soon. As the wind and rain batters the windows here tonight there's sadly no chance of this in Scotland.  Being the first full moon of Spring it brings a focus on Self and Other. If you've been looking for a fresh start then now's a good time to let this happen. Who do you want to be this year ?

Like the scales that represent this sign, Libra wants to find balance and equality for all. " Libra's balance comes from an understanding of what the Other might need without letting go of our own needs. It means being willing to compromise to be fair. Libra wants to find the diplomatic and graceful outcome and is always willing to try." Cathy Pagano

The planet alignment at this time will bring a focus on heart healing. I recommend the book " The Power is Within You" by Louise E Hay which helped me to release pain and deep emotions in the past. Emotional healing is tiring and as unpleasant as it can be to revisit those feelings and go through them, the relief that comes afterwards is truly worth it. If you need support find a good therapist that can support you through this, there will be many now working online.

On March 25th Venus has gone conjunct with the Sun, positioning her on the far side of the Sun, and is described as being in the underworld as we cannot see her at present. Together with the Sun in fiery Aries, Venus has moved from the morning star and will become the evening star on May 5th when again she will be visible in the evening. This new positioning of Venus may increase feelings of determination and drive. So we can use this energy to move into Spring by exploring our true self and what we want to achieve at this time.

Venus the ruler of Libra will bring energy to help us heal the past, bring back balance and how we can move forward inspired and on purpose. Everyone feels much better and secure when we have a clear purpose.

The positioning of Mars to the North Node in Gemini will create opportunities to see things in a new light. We should never assume that we know all the answers, think of the freshness that comes to our life when we begin a new hobby or discover something for the first time. Situations and circumstances can also become like that if we look at them with a fresh pair of eyes.

Simone Butler encourages us to ask ourselves: " Who or what is closest to me? And what might that reflect about my life? Greater self-awareness is the gift of these times."

Dana Gerhardt's article for this full moon called ' The art of disappearing' talks about the ability of yogis to disappear. " With the right diet, mental focus, and practice, a yogi can learn how to vanish and reappear." Read the whole article here, I highly recommend it.

April Elliot Kent encourages us to " follow your Piscean intuition. It's moving you toward the right mindset, in the direction of curiosity and learning."

She also shares that there's a highlight on our relationships and communication - we should have the conversations we need to have with kindness, compassion and patience. Communication is not a one way process. Not only do we need to speak our truth but we should listen with an open mind to the other side. Telepathy is very useful but she says we should not take for granted that everyone is of the same understanding. Have that conversation to move forward and clear the air but do it from a loving space.

As Libra is an air sign, it's important to not only talk about your ideas and desires at this time but take positive action to help bring them forward. Get writing out a plan and make things happen. To build the future we want for ourselves and others not only should we continue to dream big but using our values consider what is important and true to ourselves.

The Sabian Symbol for this full moon in Libra is " Three 'old masters' hanging on the wall of a special room in an art gallery." What does this image mean to you? Do the old masters refer back to those from the past with experience and wisdom ? What's worked before is likely to work now?

Dane Rudhyar's keynote for this Sabian symbol is " The need to return to source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society."

Dane continues by saying "There are always moments which focus in our minds the longing to re-ground ourselves in the great achievements of the past. The number 3 suggests completeness; esoteric traditions speak of the three-fold Soul, or of three fundamental "Rays" — of Power, of Love-Wisdom, and of Intelligence-in-action. Meditation, in its deepest sense, is a return to Source — an attempt to re-identify oneself with one's archetypal essence of being, which is triune in manifestation, and now) after confused but challenging wanderings, to identify oneself consciously with this "essence." The finer forms of one's culture provide the means to do this. The great moments of the collective past become an inspiration for new, yet sound, beginnings. The seed of tomorrow salutes the seed of yesteryear."

From the yogic view this idea of the old masters being special reflects back to me how I feel about some styles of what's called 'Yoga classes.' During my teacher training in India we were required to attend other classes and one of the classes was something I really struggled with. The teacher, from Europe, had us moving so quickly from one pose to the other, twisting ourselves into shapes I've never seen before or want to repeat. I really had no clue what I was doing, despite there being an assistant to help people throughout. As we moved from what felt like one awkward movement to the next, barely keeping up with the next instruction, I was left wondering " What the heck is this? " It did not provide for me any peace or stillness, the opposite, I left agitated and annoyed. I'm more than happy to stay with the traditional postures of the old Yoga Masters and know that they're still relevant today, nurturing my whole system and keeping me as strong as possible in mind, body and spirit. The human body hasn't evolved since they were learnt and passed on, and I don't feel that new ways of doing yoga need to be discovered. I feel the true teachings from India are something that should remain as pure as possible like all things that are authentic, they're golden, as the saying goes " Don't fix something that's not broken." I feel the same way about Tunnocks Tea-cakes & shortbread, they're perfect, there's no need to change that magic recipe:)

Knowing what's pure and golden in all areas of life would help to de-clutter ourselves from the mis-information and manipulative minds of others trying to control us. These are decisions we will all have to make to help life moving forward remain as peaceful as possible.

Wishing you all the best at this Libra Full Moon,

Thanks for reading,

Blessings Sarah

Questions to ask:

  • What do I want to put my energy to at this time ? 
  • In what way do I wish to grow? 
  • Am I being true to myself? 
  • What relationships do I need to work on ? 
  • Are my personal boundaries supporting myself and others? 
  • What do I want? 
  • How can I balance my own needs and the needs of others? 


Bach Flower Essence Suggestions:

Scleranthus- for when we feel out of balance and can't make clear decisions

Cerato - when we seek advice from others, not trusting gout own judgement and intuition

Aspen - for anxiety and fears of the unknown

Holly- for anger

Larch - for confidence

Honeysuckle - for when we're thinking back to the past and feeling life was better then

Walnut - Adjustment to change and times of transition, also good to protect sensitive people from outside influences, known as the chain breaker

You can order the above Flower Essences from They're not expensive and will last a long time.

If anyone would like a one to one Bach Consultation then please email Sarah who will suggest a combination bottle to suit your individual requirements.

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