8 week online course

8 week online course

A transformative course that is highly supportive to help you find more calm and peace in your everyday life and beyond.

Discover the benefits of mindfulness as you progress through the course and feel the calmer brain waves having a positive impact on your daily life.

If you'd like to learn how to calm your nervous system, enhance your focus and brain development, increase your self-acceptance, and enjoy all the many benefits listed below then this course is ready for you.
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If you're looking to make a significant positive change in your life, bringing in calm, mindfulness and a more peaceful day then our online course will support you towards that. 

Complete beginners are welcome and a yoga practise is not essential to the course requirements. 

The structured course will introduce you to a range of breathing tools and help you to create a daily practise using them. The meditation follows naturally on from the breathing and the time practised will be gradually increased throughout the course. 

The overall benefits of developing a regular meditation practise  and knowing the effects of your breathing tools are priceless and it will enhance your life in all areas. 

The regular led sessions will build up your confidence gradually so that by the end of the 8 weeks you will know and recognise which breathing tools to use to suit your own needs as and when you want.  

Limited spaces available to ensure you are fully supported throughout. 

Our breath awareness course will bring you the following benefits: 

  • a calmer, more focused mind
  • strengthen your lungs & respiratory system
  • tone and calm your nervous system
  • a more mindful day
  • increase self-acceptance
  • unity 
  • reacting from detachment 
  • brain stimulation
  • increase your emotional intelligence & empathy
  • a happier, calmer mind & body
  • promote deep relaxation

What others have said about this experience: 

" calm, peaceful and heart-centred " 

" enlightening, rewarding & inspiring " 

" so worth it " 

" energy, focus, inspiration ”

“ finding inner peace ”

“ expansion, uplifting and peace ”

“ a truly wonderful experience "


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