• "Sarah & Suthesh put me completely at ease and enabled me to engage and participate fully."

    Shona Price

    "the most important part was thanks to Suthesh & Sarah who are such amazing hosts and immediately make you feel so welcome"


  • A Bit about me

    Mother | Teacher | Blogger | Healer

    Sarah has a passion for nature, yoga, art, dance, music, kinesiology and working with children.


    Since becoming a mum in 2012 Sarah’s focus on yoga has moved from teaching Children’s yoga to Pregnancy, and most recently Mother & Baby classes.


    “ My own yoga practice had to change when I became pregnant, and even when my son was very young the stronger yoga I’d enjoyed previously was no longer possible. I practiced a more gentle form of yoga combined with post-natal exercises for the first 2 years after pregnancy. "


    The aim of Sarah’s Pregnancy classes is to help mums to relax and enjoy pregnancy, supporting them towards a positive birth experience. These classes are based on her own experience and her yoga training.


    The main aim of the Mother & Baby yoga classes is to provide opportunities for mums to spend quality time with baby & learn appropriate yoga for both their needs. This is done in a relaxed class which incorporates songs & yoga sequences that can be used at home.


    Sarah is a qualified Primary Teacher and remains registered with the GTC Scotland. She is a certified Yoga teacher for adults, children, teens, and babies.


    She also has certificates in Bach Flower Remedies, Touch for Health, Holistic Massage, Art Therapy & Reiki.


    Since overcoming ME in 2002 and Candida her continuous studies on healthy living are a big passion and she enjoys passing on what's worked in regaining her own health and vitality for life.

  • "Sarah is very welcoming and friendly and is extremely knowledgeable in yoga for both baby and their parent. My daughter thoroughly enjoys baby yoga and we cannot recommend Sarah highly enough."

    - Emma and Vaila

    "Sarah's baby class was a really positive experience for both me and my baby. I especially enjoyed and treasured the one to one time spent together. I found it relaxing and beneficial for my health and judging from my baby's laughter he was clearly enjoying the songs, stretching and movement! I would highly recommend. Months on, we are still practicing the yoga poses! "

    - Kirsty Johnston

  • My Blog

    We intend to use this space in positive way to share our love of yoga and much, much more.

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